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    Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Drawing, Reading, Pranking, Being Lazy, Sleeping, Laughing, Talking, My Friends, My Family, My Kitten, The Internet...I could go on and on..

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  1. Happy Birthday!~ ;D

  2. Just call me Night or Nightpelt ;D

  3. haha, yeah... :)

  4. Hello!! Aww, I see. xP Well, i'll try to get into the habit of recognising you, Megan!

  5. Hello!! Aww, I see. xP Well, i'll try to get into the habit of recognising you, Megan!

  6. Lois, i have changed accounts... :P this is Kuchipatchi Is My Lover. My name was way too long and i could never fit it in my room on tamatown. haha

  7. Thank you mametchifan1996 and mew0099!! :) @Kuchipatchi Is My Lover, sorry, I realised there was no toilet paper so I had to wait there until she got it..yeah... @stary_fun and .:Nightpelt~Togetchi:., Haha, I talk a lot? xP And cool too see we have so much in common, Nightpelt~Togetchi! :D

  8. Whoa! You have so many friends already!

    Hey, I like Harry Potter, drawing, reading, being lazy, internet, my cat and talking too! ^_^

  9. :o:O:O You've got more friends than me now! :o:O:O
  10. Hello c:

    Thanks for adding me and I hope I see you around :3

  11. I have to go to church... What happened on your way to the bathroom, btw?

  12. oh, i'm sorry! D: i tried to meet you at 9:00 your time... but then i realized that i would still be coming home then. i even tried running home, but i didn't make it on time. don't worry, its not your fault! :)

  13. Happy late Easter too!