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  1. I feel like my brothers and I are the only ones who play it! Has anyone else played this great game? It's pretty much Minecraft but 2D.
  2. I was just abut to go play Spirit Tracks (for the second time) when I saw this post. I'm not sure if I want to though....It's just one of thse games.....
  3. I have HM DS and I LOVE it!
  4. I'm going to go play Zelda: Spirit Tracks

    1. ZuZu


      have fun! next weekend I'm starting Skyward Sword...

  5. I'm going to go play Zelda: Spirit Tracks

  6. I'm going to ask for a V.3 for Christmas....I've always loved that version.

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    2. LittleChocoWolf


      I want another one :c I only have one.

    3. ZuZu


      That's the onlly one in the connection series I don't have... unless you count the tama-go...

    4. kuchipatchi.is.blue55


      All 3 of my v3's are broken.... :(

  7. After seeing your signature, I can't stop humming that song. I think I might go play some rockband just to jam to it.

  8. Ahhh, okay. Thank ya. (:

  9. I play like 24/7 . legit(; my account is sforsoccer14 neo mail me everyone
  10. Oh okay, anyway if you rejoin I'll make another character that's a guy so your charrie can have someone to hang out with, since there's no more guys open who haven't found a girl yet in this RP.

  11. Cause they sounded stupid! lol, I plan on restarting. My story didnt make any sense compared to my post, & I never had the chance to restart. I was just about to repost. :3

  12. Why'd you delete your posts in "Heart's Desire"? D:

  13. I have two little stickers on the back of my TMGC+C. & on my old ones, I used to make strings with beads on them that went well with the colors.