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  1. I don't have an iDL, but really the safest option is to learn basic Japanese. Having said that, if you're really excited to play on them then you can just go for it- no harm done,as you can see from everyone else.
  2. You're banned for supporting Adventure Time genderswapping (which,by the way,I love) !
  3. Uh, I don't know if they're ACTUALLY employing people to do it for them..I'm guessing it's all in the code to pick someone depending on some stats. Anyway,I don't want to seem like a pessimist, but I do think Bandai has forgotten about us. I'm guessing they've just moved on from virtual pets and the Tama-Go will be one of the last new tamas. The factories will keep on making V5s,V6s and Tama-Gos but not any new ones. But the Tama Fans can keep the flame burning, and hopefully persuade Bandai to make tamas again.
  4. People still think that tamas are for little kids. So do I. So what? Everyone on this site enjoys them. There's nothing against that. I guess bronyism goes the same way.
  5. Yup, most countries sell fake tamas. It's not something you need to worry about, just don't buy them and warn others that they are fake.
  6. I voted for the old logo,but I do prefer the new one. If you were to install the new logo, it wouldn't really match the whole site theme. I guess if the whole site was revamped to match the new logo I would like it more.
  7. I think V4's are pretty easy to take care of,but like somepony else said,you will just end up with Universal characters. But if you don't mind, totally worth it.
  8. While searching for Tama apps,I have found a little Tamagotchi Corner Shop style game for your iPhone/iPad/iPod. This is an official game by BanDai The screenshots look okay,but it has rubbish reviews. I wonder if anyone with an iPhone/iPad/iPod. could test it for us at TamaTalk. Pretty please? nekopan
  9. Likes are just little notifications showing someone..likes your profile. Reputation points show how helpful, etc. you are on the forum.
  10. One Direction came third in British X Factor and have actually become more popular than the winner. They're pretty good at singing and are so cute.
  11. I guess there were two words that made me lose interest in Tamas, at least temporarily: School and ponies. I had to dump them when the summer holidays ended. This was my decision,since I was running a high maintenance Music Star and didn't want rubbish characters. In my holidays,I also discovered the wonderful world of Equestria. If I wasn't into MLP,I would be running at least my V3 now.
  12. I voted for TTV. It's probably the most simple of the choices. (TamaTalk Videos,how much more simple can you get?)
  13. If you want to love your tama,talk to it. Just like a real pet. Let your pets talk to it. Give them personalities. You don't necessarily need accesories for your tama to love it. This is just my opinion though on loving a tama. If you have any problems,give me a ring. (Or messaging thingy. Or comment)
  14. I found a page on Penpy on this tama site: There are no instruction manuals that have been translated,although if you take a picture then I might be able to work out some of it.