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    I enjoy listening to music and playing music( I play the guitar), I like art, table tennis and tamagotchis!

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    Tamagotchi music star
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    Tamagotchi music star, v4, v4.5, v3 and the v2

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  1. recently i found your log, really liked it. But it's very natural to fall in and out of tamas in a cycle. Hope to see you around.

    1. memetchi59


      Thank you so much! I decided to come back to tamatalk years later and see how thing are going. I sold all of my tamas years ago, but now I am tempted to buy one on ebay. I don't really see myself starting the log again.

  2. nice video and cute pic! call me tamagirl plz or wat evea u want ! anyways nice too meet u!

  3. dude, it's been ages! D: Wuu2 lately?

    1. memetchi59


      I've kinda had new interests lately and I'm not really using my tamas :/

    2. memetchi59


      But I'm thinking of getting a tamagotchi ID because I want a tama that I can stick with and not kepping losing interest in them and then starting again.

    3. memetchi59


      I tried messaging you quite a while ago but it said that I couldn't because your inbox was full of messages :3

  4. I got a haircut, it's quite short though!

    1. RubyKuchipatchi98


      I'm having one soon too!

    2. superchamagirl


      hi, in your log you said your going to stop using tamas, so are you willing to sell them?

    3. MametchiBoyz


      r u a boy or a girl?

      anyways, just asking.

      dont be mad about me though.

  5. I'm sorry that I haven't replied in a day or two, but I have a lot to do! Well, I got my tamagotchi pouch and charms today. I like the cute pouch. I think that I have to stop this log for good because I just don't have the time for this log and tamagotchis. I might have to stop using tamas for good. I know it seems such a waste just to stop using my tamas, but I just don't have the time. Well, goodbye for good this time. Memetchi59
  6. Sorry but I couldn't log yesterday because I was at my grandmas and I came back late. I will give you a quick update now. About two days ago Callum left his baby and I named that baby Toby, soon I'll run out of names for tamas. Toby evolved into a kuchitamatchi and then a Kikitchi. he goes to school and I haven't played even on game with my tamas, he will soon be an adult and he will go trough auditions. Also, my v5 characters evolved. I now have a Lovezukintchi, a Hatugatchi and a Potetchi. That's all for now, I will hopefully log later on today.
  7. Hi, welcome to tama talk =)

  8. Hi welcome to tama talk!

  9. Hi, welcome to tamatalk! =)

  10. My tamas were one pause al day because I was somewhere today. This morning I set the time to 6:59 and the matchmaker came the next minute with a Mametchi!!! I dint' know tamas could be gay!
  11. I tried it a few times and the scratch is getting smaller, I will keep on trying and hope it eventually gets smaller
  12. LawrenceCabasan are you sure that works because I'm about to try that with my colgate toothpaste, it sounds a bit unusual but if it works I'll give it a try! Also thanks SailorRosette and x.Tori.x, if the toothpaste doesn't work I will get a screen protector and use some of x.Tori.x's tips. Thx
  13. The Gems family just evolved! I now have a Chamametchi, a Mamekatchi and a Shelltchi. My bonds per family percentage is 0% . If you know how to get the bonds per family percentage up then please PM or leave a comment in my profile like some people have done.
  14. I need some tips on how to keep my tamagotchi screen in good condition. Whenever I get a tamagotchi a few weeks later it always has a lot of scratches on it. Can you guys give me some tips on how to keep it in good condition.