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  1. The Tamagotchi Friends is being hyped a lot in the States. Even Fox News did a piece on them. Kids may pick them up just because of the hype and find they love them. I plan to reserve judgement on it's quality until I actually own one. Also I'm curious as to how the TamaGo can be considered overrated when it's generally the least liked Tama there is. It could be considered underrated but I don't think it can be considered overrated. There's not enough hype for that. As for my pick I'll have to go with the Santagotchi. It just isn't that interesting to me.
  2. No regrets here. I love each and every Tama I own. I'm glad I bought every one.
  3. Since I started ordering online in the 90s I've only had one package lost. There was another that never showed up but I strongly suspect that that particular seller ripped me off since they stopped amswering E mails after I sent the money. I have had instances where the tracking seemed to show that the package vanished off the face of the earth only for it to make an appearance days later. Sometimes packages get delayed. Hopefully yours will eventually show up.
  4. I've been flip flopping on the Furblings the same way I did on the Party Rockers. One minute I think I want one and the next I don't.
  5. I once got a Furby that came in a cat food box. All my Tamas came in bubble mailers though. I never had one of those come in a wierd package. Yet.
  6. Sometimes you may need to take a break for awhile. I've been on a bit of a Tama hiatus for the past few months. I'll probably just wait until Tamagotchi Friends is released in the States before I start one up again. A fresh beginning with a new model.
  7. I like the concept of an electronic pet you can take anywhere. And I like things with general robot/AI theme. Artificial life and things like that.
  8. I don't mind the gems. I really don't think my yellow P's looks particularly girly. Even if I did I'd still carry it proudly. If people don't like it they don't have to look.
  9. As a general rule people only leave reviews if they really like something or really hate something. If Tama Friends was terrible the site would be flooded with bad reviews not just a few. At any rate I've learned not to pay much attention to reviews. People have different tastes. I could love something someone else hates and vice versa.
  10. Furblings are officially out. Amazon has them for sale and someone I know from another forum bought one at Toys R Us yesterday.
  11. Complaints aside, I can't wait until they're available in the US. I doubt they're as bad as some are making them out to be. I'm just happy Bandai is giving Tamagotchi another chance in the States.
  12. The app. To me every Tama has value and I couldn't choose a least favorite among the actual devices because I feel each has something to love about it. But while I see actual physical Tama devices as companions the app is just a shallow and unsatisfying copy of the real thing. I can feel affection for real Tamas but I could never bring myself to care about the app.
  13. Look, I'll be the first one to jump Bandai's case if I think they're making dumb decisions. But we have to be realistic here. The Tamago was a huge failure. Now Bandai has to take baby steps in order to reintroduce Tamagotchi to the public. Release a cheap yet quality Tama now to get people hooked and pull out all the stops for the next release once a new audience is built. I wish this was a color model too but that may be unrealistic at this point. I plan to support Tama Friends and buy as many as I can. If these sell well the next release is almost sure to be a color Tama.
  14. Waiting on a 98 Furby. I ordered it Saturday and it still hasn't shipped. The seller says she had a family medical emergency which is understandable. I was told it would ship today and a tracking number would be sent to me. So far there's been no sign of an email with a tracking number. It's starting to get a bit annoying.
  15. I wore them around my neck. I don't do that anymore. I'm afraid they'll get damaged.