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  1. hi every one ill be possibly close this log
  2. call me tamagirl cute pic !* tamagirl *!

  3. so happy im off school so now im on the comp all day and also my idl will be here any day now.

  4. hi hi im sorry to say but i took the battery out and put it in my first tama. for all hunger game fans say hi RUE can i talk in this color "jumps to tree then to tree" rue get down from there your only a child oh well just like Rue oh berry tree picks berries rue do not eat those there bad for you.. shut up your not the boss of me yes i am im your dad gr well get the tama off rue stop being bad theres people watching 'wispers' well what else do you get from a infant gr well ill be better than ok im sorry everyone im just tired so im cranky so bye hey stop oh well she ran off to kitkat kit is a friend of mine its a nickname well bye shhh he left so i came back so guys how it going well it might be his log but oh well its all about me RRRRRUUUUEEEE GET OFF NOW ~rue, momo~
  5. YYYYYEEEESSSS i finaly can get on here by computer so color, no confusing post, and more pic, and also longer post Roar roar roar me me me me marsh me teen me like light green so me this color roar me v3 so i like this color ill be blue yeah and YEA i got a v oh who am i kidding i got a idl coming in the mail itll be here in about a month so YYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAHHHHHh hey hey hey less about you more about me ha your off now noone can here youuu scream ha you need a friend so you can talk so ha "walks out the door and brings friend" haha i brought a friend home but your friend is dead so ha and well sorry short post longer and like promised and please tell me tips on the idl it would please tell me. BYE from all
  6. lil post 88 more views till 1000 so bye
  7. hi im sicck soo littlee post please tell me which tama i should log i cant think well bye ROAR marsh shut BYE HEY LET TALK
  8. um which tama v should i get or should i get a better phone with the tama app.

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    2. Amber-Cakes


      a real tama will probably be more fun than an app :)

      despite what everyone says i really like the tama-go.

      i like it better than the v5 because i prefer raising one tamagotchi at a time.

      i Like it better than the v6 music star because if i remember correctly it was very needy. lol.


      Also if you're open to japanese tamas the iD L seems like the best tama to get right now. I don't have one yet though.

    3. Momo8890tamagotchi


      im home sick and read my log to know that i have those tamas and more


    4. Momo8890tamagotchi
  9. good well today my bday yah.

    1. CheesyNoodleTama


      happy birthday!!!! =D

    2. i<3froyo


      happy birthday! :)

    3. BittyKitty
  10. roarrrr i go on my bday well im 11 and have 1$32 so if i dont get 240 for a ipod4g im getting a new tama. i will log later for real. BYEE
  11. hi im back but on my kindle plus in 2 days its my bday so i might get a tama or buy 1 oh yeah im going on a feild trip tommorow so so zoe is coming you might ask who zoe is zoe is my baby tama and right now shes shy so shes not going to talk but she says hi. i will post only log 1s a day.