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    I LOVE ducks (which is an understatement). I still love Pokemon <3, I just started my v-pets collection back up (wish I never stopped or sold my old ones :[ ), the only video games I enjoy are Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, and Nippon Ichi games (Disgaea), I'm also interested in street art/graffiti, and I like skin graffiti. :]

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    v4.5 (My favorite v-pet is Dinkie Dino)
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    Dorotchi (ghosty looking thingy) and Urutchi/Wooltchi (sheepy little doodad)
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    Chocolate Argyle v4.5
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  1. Thinking about starting up a different tama now that I've got the Gotchi King family on my v5.5... any suggestions?

  2. It rested itself... I'm pretty sure I'm just going to sell this thing.
  3. My Tamagotchi Nano has been a Kuchipatchi for a week now. Will he get married and have a baby or do I have to reset him to get another character?
  4. I'm gonna start today as well. I have to open at work tomorrow and I don't want a little baby to be worrying about. Hope that's cool. Maybe not... I can't get the back off. There's one screw keeping it together and I've twisted it bald, trying to get it out... Any suggestions how to get the screw out?
  5. This should be able to help you determine if your tamas are suitable for each other. It looks like they should be able to marry. Hope this helps!
  6. I wouldn't worry about it until she's 9. Then again, I haven't played with the Music Star.
  7. Happy belated birthday!

  8. It's totally my birthday today, 11-11-11... and I'm turning 22! Say what!? That's right! Like a boss. 8]

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    2. Oh!


      and happy birfday! :D

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      Happy moment of silence and happy birthday!

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  9. It's about preference. Keep in mind your schedule and what games you like best or which game play works best with your schedule. Honestly between that selections, I'd go with either the v4.5 or familitchi. I love all the games on the v4.5 but I don't have time for the job option right now. I'm actually running a v5.5 because it's semi low maintenance and I've only played with the v5 before.
  10. I totally forgot I have new batteries... time to fire up the Nano!

  11. I totally forgot I have new batteries... time to fire up the Nano!

  12. I have a 1997 clear one (not sure if it's P1 or P2), an oceangotchi I'll probably sell soon, a mothra I'll probably sell soon, a Japanese angelgotchi I'll probably sell soon, and... I think that's it as far as my oldies go.