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  1. @kuromametchifan123 Yay it worked! Thank you so much for this info!
  2. Will this work on my Tama-Go cover? It's scratched and the way it feels is really bothersome and every time I poke it it feels like a cat scratched it.
  3. >.< Darn me. Anyway, things happened. Amy became Lovelitchi, but I ignored her and she became a oldie. I made her get married, so yeah. Also, Tigrerra vanished. Name:Amy Gender:Female Age:9 years Generation:1 Hunger:<3 Happy:<3 Species:Otokitchi *sad* Why you make me old? Now, now. Your fine, my sweet. *smiles* *looks at them*... ... Oh yes! I'm Andrew, Amy's husband in case you didn't know. A Shismametchi. I think I spelled it wrong. Oh, hush you. Fine. But, you do realize if I be quiet this post will be finished? Why didn't you tell me? I didn't want too. this green the same green as before? *checks* I honestly don't know until you post it. Meh. I'm going to end this through boredom.
  4. Guys guess what! It works for 1 year! Ex: My Violetchi (now gone) was 5 yrs. (Note this is on Tama-Go), then I did it. Checked the door for Date Place, THERE IT IS. I would love to show pictures but sadly I don't do this anymore unless I need too. I'm honest!
  5. Marapets is the dumbest thing ever! For some epic pets you need to upgrade with friggin' real money! NEOPETS RULES CAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE TO UPGRADE ACCOUNT TO ENJOY IT ALL THE WAY WOOOOOOOOOOOO! Edit: Caps abuser here. XD
  6. I got a christmas paintbrush from advant calender. Go figure.
  7. V5 OH YEAH! My first tamagotchis were V5. I miss them. >.<
  8. One final saying, you can use clay to mold it into a bed.
  9. Name:Amy Gender:Female Age:1 years Generation:1 Hunger:<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 (<3 <3) Happy:<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Species:Shelltchi We're back, and Amy evolved into Shelltci! Yay! Congrats? Yay I'm closer to Lovelitchi now! *makes a pie and throws it at Amy* D: Why Wolf why?
  10. Name:Amy Gender:Female Age:1 years Generation:1 Hunger:<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 (<3 <3) Happy:<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Species:Hoshitchi *reading a log* We need more characters. (I changed actions to *'s.) Sure. It's boring just being with you. YOU CALLING ME BORING? YOU KNOW I CAN DEACTIVATE YOU RIGHT? Eep! No! Good. D:< So...who are you going to bring into this log? *runs upstairs to grab them* Uh... *comes back with a bakugon* Meet Tigrerra! Hi. I'm Tigrerra. Um...okay? I'm going to make a bio of my Tigrerra. .FT. That's it for today! I'll update again though when Amy evolves.
  11. *rage* I've been trying to get on for so long in my new house, and it doesn't work! TT.TT Why Bandai why?
  12. When people make tamagotchi beds, they normally use these materials: Cotton Clay A box (small one) ------------------------ Those are the things people normally use to create the shape/start of a bed.
  13. If I were you I'd start with making a bed. Not a room, pouch, or house. Bed.
  14. Name:Amy Gender:Female Age: 0 years Generation:1 Hunger:<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 (<3 <3) Happy:<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Species:Hoshitchi You HAD to become a Hoshitchi. >.> Sorry... NO. I'M NOT HEARING IT. TT^TT leaves room crying Waaaaaa! Comes back and sighs stops crying and smiles YAY! Now we end this.