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  1. The one i have is an american version so i dont know if it will work on the european version or japenese
  2. When your tamagotchi is an adult and hasnt passed its pro judging debut set the time to 4:14pm and wait one minute and the door will be highlighted select the door and it will allow you to try again you can do this as many times as you want untill you pass it if you have already passed it it will not work enjoy
  3. i just got a TAMA-GO!

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    2. Ever In The Shadows

      Ever In The Shadows

      Congrats! :D Me too!!! Dx I keep getting boy characters! And yeah, what Tori said! :D

    3. gabrielm9


      its awesome

    4. gabrielm9


      its awesome

  4. Going swimming later :)

    1. mimitchi ^o^

      mimitchi ^o^

      e.O I dO nOt WaNt To SwIm FoR tHe ReSt Of ThE sUmMeR! i HaVe A bIlLiOn ScArS fRoM sWiMmInG!

    2. gabrielm9
    3. gabrielm9
  5. welcome to tamatalk! :D