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  1. YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS I am a HUGE v4 nerd and I have been dying for one since I lost my last one in 4th grade. A v4.5 is still great, but it doesn't compare. So I started up my chocolate argyle v4.5 a couple days ago and this cutie arrived in the mail! $15.50 for the tama, lanyard, and charm, and $5 shipping which wasn't toooooo bad. Anyway I'm so happy. When I started it up I downloaded out of curiosity and I found a cute and well taken care of Young Mametchi. He had a few friends and a couple of items but I reset him anyway. So here we are, and I'm sooo happy!
  2. I'm 17 and though I haven't had batteries in my 4.5 in a year, I plan on running it during the summer. I'm still an avid Tama collector. I am in firm denial that I am older than 12 xD
  3. A friend of mine (well, not really a friend) in 1st grade once came to school with a v1. She had no idea how to take care of it, but at recess people would gather around it to watch the "pac-man" poop xD I absolutely adored them after that. My best friend, who was a spoiled brat (no offense lmao), came in the next day with TWO friendship packs. Meaning 4 brand new Tamagotchis. That made my blood boil, since she didn't let ANYONE touch them and they were constantly sick and overweight. I eventually got my own some months later, but the fad died out after 2nd grade. I was the only person who continues to collect through 3rd grade, 4th, 5th, and 6th 7th and 8th (though for the last 3 I was hiding them in my desk and avoiding letting my friends see them lol) I still would like to collect, but....the newer versions (colour) are too expensive and by default are usually in Japanese :/
  4. I started disliking new characters with v4.5, which is aboslutely my favorite version. The teens in particular bother me. Crackertchi?? Really? A freakin' firecracker??? And it's sentient??? I also dislike the Ura-Mametchi, Ura-Violetchi thing, etc. The only character I don't mind being that way is Ura Kuchipatchi. Kuchipatchi is my favorite anyway. But I also do think some of the characters just look like the developers were running out of ideas. Especially with v5.5 Just my .02
  5. That's adorable! What tools do you use to cut out patterns? I use an exacto knife but sometimes I find it's too sharp or cuts too far.
  6. Well I got started with a girl in 1st grade who had a v1 and pretty much abused it but I loved the concept. My best friend got a friendship pack of 2 and I was so jealous. For my birthday that year my aunt bought me a metallic purple v1 and I was ecstatic! My sister had a pale violet v1 as well and we spent hours and hours playing with them trying to get them to get married lol. Favorite version by far if v4!! Haven't had one in years tho...
  7. I always loved that idea too. Just having little things that can connect and grow and you can "play" with etc. It's also very cute that you can keep them until old age or match them with a mate and keep their babies and raise them too! I also love the shell designs and how they're customizable. Also how people all over the world have them!! I'm more of a fan of v3-v4.5 which is now kinda "my" thing in my area....I don't know anybody around me who, at 17, still messes about with Tamas! But they were a staple in my childhood since 3rd grade (I remember crying when someone stepped on my v3!!!). I still adore the community around them but I really wish Tamagotchi USA would put more effort into it :/
  8. SO. JEALOUS. The Nameko Pierce is so awesome ;____; Good luck with your tamas!!!
  9. Hi, just curious as to what your favorite character E V E R is, and if/when you got it!! I've been running my v4.5 for a while now and today I got my dream UraKuchipatchi!! I'm so happy, I took a ton of pictures xD But my ULTIMATE dream character would be Mimitchi O___O Never gotten a perfect care character, just young mimitchi on the v3 or something when it was teen time. Anyway, I've heard a lot of stories about Chamametchi and Mimitchi......And a lot of people like Mametchi. I'd like to hear about it
  10. Hahahahahaah I kept a Masktchi alive for 12 days.....does that count? xD Other than that on my old v4.5 I kept and UraKuchipatchi alive for 65 days (Idk what oldie he turned into)
  11. For the Tamas I'm using I have a thumbtack that I pushed into the headboard of my bed (I know, bad idea) then I can check on them at night. When they're not in use or batteries or out I keep them in an old Sephora makeup case, and each Tamagotchi is put in a little old jewelry case. Yano those tiny boxes you get for necklaces from JC Penny. Yep, them
  12. Strep throat and the flu :'(

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      aw feel better soon :)

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      Get better soon!

  13. Strep throat and the flu :'(

  14. It's not a big overreaction in MY area. I'm near Philidelphia and my area is gonna be hit HARD. Stronger than Irene, which really destroyed our land and brought down 150 foot tall trees around my house....not only that but we live on a giant hill, so last time Irene came around we basically had a 6 foot deep moat around us. It depends where you live, but it will be an extremely dangerous storm. Irene came. My dad went into the wind and rain to cover our pool. I was literally blown away by the wind. I weighed 115 pounds, I was 5'7'', and I had to hold onto the door knob while my legs and body were lifted up and I screamed for someone to open the door for me. Power was out for 2 weeks. Water ran out quickly REALLY bad turnout, to say the least.
  15. Really wanting one of those fancy-shmancy IDL's at the moment....

  16. Nail polish is an AMAZING decorating idea There's special nail decorating design polish.....not the cheap stuff that comes in a tube and you shake it and paint it directly without taking out a nail it's usually just a nailpolish bottle with an extremely thin nail brush I've decorated sooooooo many Tamas with the stuff. It also doesn't smear and once it hardens it's just as good as the shell. HOWEVER, never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever use nail polish remover on a'll melt the screen. I've done it before, and even a tiny drop can melt a spot into the screen OK, well have fun decorating
  17. Clear nail polish would just blur the screen, and it would make an uneven surface that would probably be even more prone to scratching. Nail polish remover, just was a warning, should NEVER be used on the Tamagotchi for any reason. I used it to get krazy glue off the shell (don't ask) and I ended up with a little bit on the screen. As I went to wipe it off, I found that the nail polish remover had MELTED the screen. So now my v4.5 has a permanently unsightly, melted screen that makes playing somewhat difficult. I don't know if there really is ANYTHING to get off scratches. Other than replacing the screen....but who wants to do that?
  18. v4 Yellow Design is definitely among my favorites. And I lost my v4 a few months after getting it as a Christmas gift.....Oh, if I could only find it.........
  19. Bandai seriously needs to do a customer survey to see what people ACTUALLY WANT. Not some random bull about kids' makeup and furniture....
  20. Who loves Tamagotchis??? *waves hand frantically*

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      can i have your soul

  21. I am 14 and have no plans on stopping collecting and playing with Tamagotchis.... I go to a boarding school (though I'm not dorming myself) and about 30% is Asian, all "imports"(lol) from Japan and China and the like. When I pull out my Tamagotchi they all know what it is, they all ask to feed and play with it.....Personally, I'd like America to be a bit more like Japan. In Japan an 80 year old woman can wear a hot pink glittery Hello Kitty shirt and will get no weird looks... If the same happens in America people would point and whisper and think she's crazy. That's the difference. In Japan people are not afraid of having "childish" thoughts or interests. It's better to be open about it than secretly have to play with your Tama every time you go to the loo >.>
  22. I had a crush on this really, really cool guy in my year until today. He's literally the coolest person I have ever met....he has everything. He is interested in all the things I am, and he's just amazing. He's really attractive, but not in a normal sense in the generic 1D lover....he's so unique and gorgeous and light blonde hair I can't even igbvfkhdzbdcjznvbuygtsirhds Today my "best friend" (I don't really like her, she's turning into a btch) told me "Hey, today ______ is gonna ask out (this girl)!!" "So?" "I thought you liked him." she said it as though she expected me to blow up with rage, jealousy, she wanted drama. I told her I got over my crush. I didn't though. Today as soon as I got home I got on Facebook. What do I see? __________ is in a relationship with ____________. And with like 4534251425312 likes. It didn't make me sad. Angry. Jealous. Just disappointed. My face has had the expression of stone since I've seen it. Sure, a few tears have escaped but that's the end of it. I hate being young, when all the good guys are too immature and the female mind is overtaken by PMSing hormones that don't know what they're doing.
  23. I didn't know exactly where to put this....but here's the link It's from the Big Bang Theory