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  1. Hello everyone, I'm back again! Also I keep on getting messages about me posting and using bad language on someone's post. I think that someone might have gotten into my account. I'm sorry and hope everyone will take me back again! I love you all!

    1. TamaMum


      If you think someone got into your account then change your password right now, keep it secret and always remember to log out of the site (every visit). ;)

    2. Peanut05


      Yes thats a great idea TamaMum. Very sensible. And Planetchi248 I hope that you find out who got into your account soon!

  2. anyone here played AMNESIA????

    1. TamaMum


      Can't remember...

    2. mimitchi ^o^

      mimitchi ^o^

      LOL my sis downloaded it and everytime anything happened she was like, "Mason get in here!" Because ive seen the walkthrough so I know what to do.

    3. '/={3


      lol tamamum...

  3. sorry I havent been on in a while, I hae a ton of projects for school:/

  4. Figured ot how to reset my pokewalker for my game, but now I cant find my game:/

  5. Hello, I was looking for a Kakebo and before I bought one i was wondering, does anyone here have one? And if you do can you lease post here, what it does, and the pros and cons? It would be GREATLY appreciated.
  6. Hello everyone, great to see you again! Well, talk to you again I guess! I have some great news! Nolle evolved into a teenager yesterday! She evolved into a Ringotchi, finally! And she joined a band with some awesome people, Here's how it went: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nolle is sitting in a desk, she decided that she isn't going to be the weird kid like her mother and her grandmother. She has all ready decided that she is going to be confident, cool, and most of all, popular. So she makes a smart decision to fulfill all of these wants. She scanned the room when she walked in, seeing the boys in one group, girls in another, and then of course the group of weird kids. So after she sits down she thinks, who do I want to make a band with? So she gets up and glides over to the group of boys. Nolle: Hello boys, *points at a Kikitchi and a Hinotamatchi* do you two what to join a band with me? Ryo (Kikitchi) : Why would we want to be in a band with you? Paul (Hintotamatchi) : Yeah your just a gross little Ringotchi! Nolle: Okay, but out of all of those girls who was the one that actually had the guts to come over here? So here I am. Yes or no? Paul: What's in it for us? Ryo: Yeah how do we know your any good? Nolle: My mom was in 4EVER! and my grandmother was in CHICKSSS, and..... I've got snacks st my house. Paul: I'm in! Ryo: Come on! Lets go! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Walks in* And that was how the band SCRIPT was made. Nice entrance. So what kind of music do you play? We play pop right now, but we might switch over to Asian, will you take me up to Tama Town for a bit? Sure thing, bye Tama Talkers! Have the most wonderful day of you whole life you amazing Tama Talkers!
  7. Trying to do all of my summer project in 2 days, fun:/

    1. Graycefox
    2. plopman88


      My Friend did that once! SUCKED bad!

  8. Gen 3! I want a boy though!

    1. plopman88


      Gen 4 I want a girl. xD

    2. Dale88


      Gen 2 I hope for a girl, Cuz my third tama (Yes, The one at the desk) Had a girl.


    3. Dale88


      Gen 2 I hope for a girl, Cuz my third tama (Yes, The one at the desk) Had a girl.


  9. Hello everyone! I have some good and bad news, bad news first, Lily and Marshall left last night, I actually set the time, hehe. But the good news is that I am now taking care of Nolle! So right now she is a Hitodetchi! She is absolutely adorable! She plays the harp which I think is the cutest thing ever! I'm hoping there's going to be a boy in her band because if you mate with the matchmaker, then you always get a girl but if you mate with someone from your band then you get a boy! So I hope there is going to be a boy in her band! Speaking of bands, do you guys have any good names for one? Hey Christina, is this the whole, log thing that you were talking about? Yeah! Do you want to say hi to all the viewers? Hi to all the viewers! Hey Christina, can you get me the diet drink off of the music star gen? Because I really am packing on the pounds, and when I go to music school I want to be the cutest kid there! Nolle! You barley weigh anything as it is! There is no way that I'm getting that for you! Fine, Can I go to preschool then? Okay, here's your lunch, and your backpack, and you note to your teacher, and how about you take the tamagotchi your teacher gave you? Have a good day darling! Were just going to be playing jump rope. Well, I just want you to have a good day! Goodbye tamatalkers! I'll update when she evolves!See ya later, alligators. PAGE THREE!!!!!
  10. For the first time, the script:)

  11. hey thanks for the name! read my log and i used you name!! Thanks again!!!

  12. Hello Tamatalkers! How is everyone doing? Good I hope! I'm in a very awesome mood because, TamaTown is working and so is music star gen! So Christina got me a ton of cool stuff! And Sukki, my mom, sent me makeup today! Do you guys like this font? Ohh! Can I tell them about the thing? Go for it Marshmallow. Well, we picked out an awesome name for our baby! Well actually NintenNerd did, thanks! You know we love you! So our little girl is going to be named... Nolle! Adorable right? Hey you little lovebirds, what are you doing? Telling the fans about out baby names. Hm, cute. So are you glad I got you this present? *Whips out present from behind beck* What did you get me? *Rips open present* 3 New York tickets! Yay! Really? I love you so much! I got to go tll the band! Be back in a few. Bye! Well she sure was excited. Ga? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lily: *runs in* Hey you guys! I have something AWESOME. Lydia: What? Show us! Thu: Ohhh, Lily I like you top. Lily: Oh thanks I got it a- Lydia: Hello! Come on! What do you have? Lily: Oh yeah, Christina go us tickets to New York! **All girls scream** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey Lilypad, how did it go? Great! But I'm going to go to New York. What you leaving? Your leaving me here with YOUR baby AND you mess of a husband? Lily! You can't leave me here with you crazy owner! I'm just going to be gone for a little while, chill out you guys! I'll be back soon. **SOON...** Wow! Your finally back! How did it go? Good, but I'm exhausted, night! Your going to bed? This is the last night I get with you! Come on! Spend one day night with me! ~~TO BE CONTINUED~~
  13. Hello. I was just wondering what time the tamagotchi parents leave its baby. I know it has to be there for a day but what time excatly?
  14. Tama Town is working!! YAY!

    1. Nazotchi25


      im still having trouble

    2. Nazotchi25


      im still having trouble

    3. Planetchi248


      keep trying, i was just on it, so it works!


  15. My mom woke me up this morning with carmel choclate iced coffee. And she Made it herself. I love her so much. Tried to start a new game of windwaker but I dont want to have to do the whole thig all over again. Lily and her husband, Marshall are leaving me with Nolle thanks to NintenNerd:)

  16. I'll join with my tamagotchi v6
  17. i was looking that you have a v6 and i was wondering, do you have a log? if not do you think you could start one? becuase that would be awesome! thanks, and i hope you do!

  18. okay! thanks tori!

  19. You should update your log! It's really good! Do you have a music star? And do you think you could log that if you can? Thanks!

  20. Welcome tama talk!!

  21. Now, what tamagotchi girl on v6 should I aim for?

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    2. Planetchi248


      well i got makiko for this gen so i think im going to shoot for mimitchi or memetchi

    3. Tamagirl1124
    4. Tamagirl1124
  22. Anyone have any good baby names for a girl?

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    2. Runner


      Suika, Lily, Berry?


      Lol random names wut.

    3. memetchi <3

      memetchi <3

      Angel, Rose, Luna, Layla?

    4. Planetchi248


      Nice!! I love these names! I think I might use nolle:)