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  1. I collect Nintendo Handhelds somewhat. I have the Gameboy, GB Color, DSLite, 3DS and 2DSXL. I plan to add to that list, but just need to find the time to look for stuff at pawn shops and whatnot. I also like to collect memes and mass amounts of downloads. I have a Raspberry Pi running 2 4TB HDDs in RAID 1 for mirroring and hope to eventually need to add more storage.
  2. I love adaptive web pages. Usually much cleaner than separate designs per device type.
  3. Planning on turning my Raspberry Pi into a NAS server with two 4TB HDDs in RAID 1. Issue is planning on how to supply power to the Pi and the drives using only one power supply. Suggestions are welcome as I'm not sure what a good process would be.

    1. Nazotchi25


      Chances are you're not. You'll definitely need to power those drives with their own power supply. The Pi only really gets 2.5 Amps when using its normal power supply and giving it anything more has the potential to damage the Pi.


      A little excerpt from the Pi documentation page:


      Typically, the model B uses between 700-1000mA depending on what peripherals are connected; the model A can use as little as 500mA with no peripherals attached. The maximum power the Raspberry Pi can use is 1 Amp. If you need to connect a USB device that will take the power requirements above 1 Amp, then you must connect it to an externally-powered USB hub.

      Source of quote

    2. Minecraft Addict

      Minecraft Addict

      I'm well aware of that. I want a power supply that'll power all the devices instead of using 2-3 separate power supplies. Mains are limited, and having 3 different mains is unconventional for any setup.

  4. It's nice that my job now allows me to grow out my facial hair. Got myself a nice looking beard.

  5. Saving a game is normally pretty easy. Have a memory card, slid it into the first slot, and most games will either give you an option to save after completing a level, or autosave. Now I haven't played the game you mentioned, so hopefully someone who has can chime in with exact details.
  6. Although not my PS2, this is what it looks like. The PS2 Network Adapter allows the installation of a IDE (or PATA) HDD. I use a Memory Card that's loaded with software named FreeMCBoot.
  7. I know I love my PS2 so much, I have two of them! I have the slim model which I use for PSone game disc, and the original model that has a HDD installed. It's disc drive doesn't work, so it's modded to play games off the HDD. I think my two favorite PS2 games are ATV Off Road Fury 4, and Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War
  8. Oh man. This is making me wish I knew how to save a website's .swf file back when I was a huge Tamagotchi fan. I wish you luck on your work! I'm excited to see how this goes.
  9. Happy Canada Day! #Canada150

    1. Doobytchi66


      Happy Canada day to all of you wonderful Canadians!!!

  10. Only if you're in Kingston, Ontario xD
  11. Such a fun game to play on a sunny day downtown. PokeStops and Magikarp..... Here I come!
  12. I really enjoy saying French curses, as they just roll off the tongue so easily.
  13. Anyone here have experience or know of Stellaris? It's quite the interesting game with a lot to it... Made by Paradox, It's a real time strategy set in space where you manage a galactic empire. Many different Gov't types to create and control, meet other galactic empires, forge alliences and battle in wars. The game is complicated, but quite enjoying. If you're curious, take a look at it on Steam Store. It just happened to be on sale when I posted this too. http://store.steampowered.com/app/281990/