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  1. Minecraft Addict

    Do you Miss The Ps2?

    I know I love my PS2 so much, I have two of them! I have the slim model which I use for PSone game disc, and the original model that has a HDD installed. It's disc drive doesn't work, so it's modded to play games off the HDD. I think my two favorite PS2 games are ATV Off Road Fury 4, and Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War
  2. Minecraft Addict

    TAMATOWN IS BACK! (parsed swf files)

    Oh man. This is making me wish I knew how to save a website's .swf file back when I was a huge Tamagotchi fan. I wish you luck on your work! I'm excited to see how this goes.
  3. French will do that to those who don't know French.
  4. Minecraft Addict

    Pokemon GO

    Only if you're in Kingston, Ontario xD
  5. Minecraft Addict

    Pokemon GO

    Such a fun game to play on a sunny day downtown. PokeStops and Magikarp..... Here I come!
  6. I really enjoy saying French curses, as they just roll off the tongue so easily.
  7. Minecraft Addict


    Anyone here have experience or know of Stellaris? It's quite the interesting game with a lot to it... Made by Paradox, It's a real time strategy set in space where you manage a galactic empire. Many different Gov't types to create and control, meet other galactic empires, forge alliences and battle in wars. The game is complicated, but quite enjoying. If you're curious, take a look at it on Steam Store. It just happened to be on sale when I posted this too. http://store.steampowered.com/app/281990/
  8. Minecraft Addict

    Who do you have a crush on?

    Might as well update it. I have a small crush on a girl that works at my local Tim Horton's. She always greets me, smiles, and ask me how I'm doing differently than everyone else. I think she might be interested as well.
  9. Minecraft Addict

    Who do you have a crush on?

    My most recent crush was on this girl in basic training. She had these beautiful eyes, a sweet Venezuelan accent (Spanish accent i guess?), and was just fun to talk to. A few buds found out, did the normal teasing and threatening to tell her, and that was it. I wonder how she's doing now. Kind of wished I had the courage to tell her haha.
  10. Minecraft Addict

    Name anime opening and ending songs you like

    Favorite... Favorite.. Opening: Highschool of the Dead Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R1 (First opening theme named Colors, I think.) Clannad Clannad ~After Story~ Lucky Star Ending: Highschool DXD BorN That's all I can think of for now.
  11. Minecraft Addict

    Windows 10

    The PC I use is quite new, and it could be a bit of the reason why Linux in general doesn't play too nicely right now. MSI GT70 Dominator Nvidia 870M GPU and Intel HD Intel Core i7 4810MQ.
  12. Minecraft Addict

    Windows 10

    I upgraded to Windows 10 from 8.1. I don't miss 8.1, for I wasn't too fond of the full start screen, and was very touch oriented, but it wasn't bad. I do miss Windows 7 in some ways (as I had it before buying a new PC). Windows 10 seems fairly fast, stable and pretty. The only issue I have is the Start Menu seems to lag a bit when I type in a search. Perhaps that will be fixed in an update I haven't downloaded yet As I have recently stopped using Ubuntu/Linux as a Desktop PC, after using it since late 2012, Windows 10 is generally awesome. If you want to see why I left Ubuntu, go over to the reddit link below. I came off as quite annoyed and am getting a lot of negative feedback from the Ubuntu community. Oh well. https://redd.it/3hsjem
  13. I recently finished watching Clannad and ~After Story~ and loved it, yet still feel emotinal whenever I hear it's music and see it's characters. If you watched it, how did it make you feel?
  14. Minecraft Addict

    The Sims 2 with ALL additions FOR FREE for a week on Origin!

    I got it as soon as I heard about it being Free. I love it!
  15. Minecraft Addict

    What is your "security blanket"?

    I don't know what makes me feel safe... I just do. I guess knowing that my parents and siblings are doing fine and are safe help me feel safe. I just don't fear my security much on the average day.