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  1. Hello Tama Friends, I am making custom tamago faceplates all you have to do is fill out a form ( Off campus form ) Form Name : Date : Colors : Pictures : Words ( optional ): BTW, I dont quite know the measurements when you print them on windows beacause i do not have a printer on my windows computer However, if you are using a mac measure ments for the faceplates are - Hight 2.77 - Width 2.214 - If you need help with cutting them out etc. this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1EIXUXrp2A&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL Happy posting
  2. Well my violetchi had a baby boy =[ its ok though i will get kuromametchi. Any ideas on how to get him?
  3. where my tamagotchi says debug there is a gigantic check mark or something above it i will try to post pics
  4. Yea, I did all of that this generation and got violetchi so im not to sure maybe its beacause i was on a odd gen.?
  5. How do you get lovelitchi on tamagotchi tama-go ?
  6. It just turned into an adult aout 2 hrs ago I did usde the age cheat though
  7. My Tamago is a 7 year old violetchi and it dosent have the date place option Any ideas help
  8. EDIT// Music stars are allowed ill join both of mine
  9. Hi Its daina here so umm i am having a group hatching for tama gos and tamagotchi colors this hatch will start june 23 2011 at 4:00 pm ( canadian time ) post pictures if you can thx bye
  10. Okay, So I was playing on my music star yesterday (it was a child) and it evolved into a chamametchi so i was like yay. Then 15 mins later i heard a noise come from my tama. It was sleeping at 12 pm so i what like WTH. Then about 2 minutes later It Had all hungry and happy hearts full and it was hungry. So i was getting annoyed. So i fed it and then it evolved into an onputchi and It Had A Baby Boy Beside It and i had a girls destiny star. I was A teen for about 20 mins i like teen stage best so can you tell me what you think may have happened Please.
  11. Oh It Turned 6 Now I Cant Get It Married Errg I Am Going To Eat Her
  12. My Tama Music Star Has Been Stuck At The Age Of 5 For 3 Days Now This Dazzilitchi Has Been Annoying Me For A Week And Its Time For It To Have A Baby HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!