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  1. It's been a long time
  2. Stuck in a snow storm cant go outside

    1. TamaLove754


      Same here. We are stuck under 18 inches here. Not sure wether to love it, or hate it.

  3. Just stopped playing some soccer

  4. leaving cali tomorrow

  5. leaving cali tomorrow

  6. tomorrow around 10 am

  7. 10 hours till we get to mexico so tired

  8. leaving to mexico then to california. me voy para mexico mañana y despues para california

    1. Graycefox


      Muy bien!:]

    2. Inmyroomreb


      Es muy el unicorno en los pantalones. ;D

    3. Graycefox
  9. i got into tamatown but cant sing up for competion
  10. just favorite character

  11. i have never had gozarutchi and battery is new
  12. it was like 5 a clock and it was different character then what i had
  13. well i had kuromametchi and during a concert something happend instead of being him with his band mates which where mametchi and memettchi he was gozarutchi and the band mates were babies and in the awards he is there with 2 babies