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    ...I hate when then put this there like I ACTUALLY want to write my life story. o.O

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  1. Happy Birthday MamatichiLovesDinosaurz!

  2. lol that was my old high score :P

  3. Want millions to billions of points without some stupid hack with a virus? Don't want to do anything allegal but yet you want to be one of the richest? (Blah blah blahhhhh!) Then make a code on your tamagotch for how much to put on your PC, log in the code, DO NOT LOG OUT, refresh the page, and re-enter the code. You should get the same amount as before. (That's how I got my huge point thingy!) Soooo... yeah. o.O ~Mamatichi Loves Dinosaurz!
  4. ...I think I've owned you. :)