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  1. Thanks! I have it in Minecraft!

  2. Did you read the whole topic or just the first post? I think you didn't realize this problem is solved. No offense but it's good to read the whole topic. + I don't have a UraMametchi... But I have a UraMametchi Family if that's what you are trying to say. I have a girl. My tama now is like a pear, with a bow like thing on the top and holding a plate or sth. and also has painted cheeks. Red I think. I don't have a pic or name of the tama. EDIT: Someone come lock this topic please. Oh and, Violetchi luv, if they lock the topic before you reply, PM me.
  3. My Tama now grew up! I don't mean it evolved... It's still a Zouritchi but now it's 2 years old and the Training bar is full!!! I just love Tamagotchis! EDIT: And it's sooooo adorable when you press C!!
  4. Thank you! Now I understand everything! Thanks Runner... I'll add you as friend... And all the others... Thanks to everyone.
  5. The wiki says that my Tamagotchi character is kinda special doesn't it?
  6. Now it has 7 cubes in the training bar...
  7. I have a... I don't know the name... Let me search... Yes! It's a Zouritchi... Teen I think... As Runner said...
  8. My Collection: Tamagotchi v4/v4.5 (I'm not sure)
  9. I'm sorry. I don't write caps as yelling. I write caps for attention...
  10. I said it's not a Mametchi!!!!!! The pic is a stock one! Read the whole post next time. And the blue letters.
  11. welcome to tamatalk! :D

  12. How can it have a party hat with it when it goes to SCHOOL(!!!!!!) (IT'S A ONE-YEAR OLD (I'm not yelling)) so you have to find a smiley face and not a pencil and it's one year old and it's a teen already?
  13. Hello, I just wanted to ask. My Tama is 1 year old now and I think it's not one of the normal v4 tamas... I have v4 BTW... My Tama has got all five games already and they are: Climb, Tug-Of-War, Apple, Shapes and Manhole... And my training bar is half-full... Is that normal? EDIT: Oh, and it goes to school but it has a party hat with it and you have to find a smiley face and not a pencil. Here is an image of my tama: It's not a Mametchi as the pic shows!