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    -trampolines :D
    -pocket frogs
    -hanging with friends
    -going to the beach
    -mario games :D

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    V4.5 or Music Star
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    Makiko or Mimitchi
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    theyre all dead but i'm back on music city :)

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  1. i like makiko but i LOVE kuromametchi! he is soo like me!

  2. kool call me tamagirl im new here im LKO217 btw

  3. very much, yes :)

    1. memekitty358


      yeah I like makiko 2



    1. chantotchi


      Congrats! (^3^)/

    2. Nerachan


      congrats on that! I noticed but, you were not active on tamatown when I tried to tell you congratulation.


  5. the highest you can get is 6780 playing with the Gotchi King family as the judges. you can't get 10,000.
  6. i just do it because people see me hanging around and become curious and see my room...usually. at least, that's what i do when i see a mysterious person
  7. what exactly did they say? pm me. and don't take it personally. that's what the internet is like.
  8. Do you like Makiko? Just guessing.

  9. i think gotchidoku is the best for experience (CD xp and level xp) because unlike the other games, the SHORTER you play gotchidoku, the more points/experience you get. just get within the ??? rank.
  10. Hey, I just talked to you on tamatown:) I added you as a friend on here since we are friends on tamatown. I'm LE0920 and WF0880! I think you are in WF0880 band this week.

  11. Heyloo :)

    PM me when you r on tamatown k ;)


  12. 1. My friend Jennie 2. 8 or 9 I think 3. Don't know what you mean 4. Music star or v4.5 5. You mean favorite character?
  13. Good question my friend Jennie played with them and I think I got one either a month before my birthday in 3rd grade or ON my birthday, from her. My twin sister also got one, and we both loved then. Mine was a v4, the red one with the light yellow buttons and the yellow ball on the antenna i think part of the reason i loved tamas was because i had my sister to share them with. I played with them on-and-off up until the start of 6th grade, so about 2 and a half years. Now I don't feel like playing with the pets anymore, like the fail tama-go, so I just go on tamatown.
  14. im sorry i forgot i havent been on tamatalk or tamatown for a while. do you think we could do another date?