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  1. It's 6:00 AM and I haven't gone to sleep yet. I'm not even tired ._.

  2. Top Picture: Ben on top of my DS Bottom picture: Madeleine
  3. I love your icon xD

  4. Granted, but then I steal it, cook it, and eat it. I want cake
  5. We're allowed to go into the computer lab 4 students at a time(with no teacher) for our science fair thingy, and I went with some of my friends and we watched Hetalia after working on the project. Then my other friend comes in and says "Detention!" and scares all of us half to death xD I fell off of my seat in the bus. It was so funny at the time xDDD This boy found an apple in the computer lab. Idek why the apple was in there. And he took it into the classroom, too xD
  6. Granted but it's not edible. xD I wish I wasn't so tired.
  7. Out comes a laptop. Inserts a store called WaMart
  8. I bought pasta at the shop on my Tama-Go xD

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    2. TicTax
    3. Orandatchi
    4. Cave Johnson

      Cave Johnson

      So much for "even we think PASTAAA is overrated now"

  9. Out comes a bunch of chewed up wood, because someone put justin beaver in there earlier. In goes a random Nintendo DSi
  10. Why is everyone sick? Now I am, too -_-

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    2. Ringotchi123


      Through the computer? P.S. I'm not sick.

    3. Ninjasaurus Rex

      Ninjasaurus Rex


    4. Ringotchi123


      Only thing wrong with me is that I have to make two granny squares a day for thirty days and sew them together and I'm freaking out!

  11. Yay no school today! ;D

    1. TicTax


      lucky you =O but then again I'm getting out of school early xD