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  1. Does anyone know if any other stores in the US are going to carry Tamagotchi Friends? I don't have a Toys R Us.

    1. SailorRosette


      They have them now... You can order them online. :)

  2. You can't be my friend if you don't ship AradiaXSollux.

    1. mew0099


      god bless this status

  3. So yesterday, I took my iD-L out of my backpack. I found that while in there for half a day, it had had a baby that was now at the child stage. How it did this, I have no idea.

    1. GotchiGuardian


      Wow! WHat a fun glitch!!

  4. September 17, 2012 Wow! I actually updated two days in a row!!! A new record! ...Not really but still. Anyways, I mentioned in the last post that I wanted Jude to evolve into a Kuishinbotchi. Well, with my time schedule and "special" memory skills, it didn't turn out that way. I got a Gozuratchi. Yep. Oh well. There's always next time. Plus, in my little character book, I must have treated my last Gozuratchi pretty bad because in his little picture, he looks more depressed than Melodychi would if someone told her that dubstep was all she could play for the rest of her life . But whatever. On to the logging! iD-L Yeah... So here is Jude as a Gozuratchi enjoying the night air before he goes to bed. Tonight, it is unseasonably clear in the sky region and he gazes with a look of deep contemplation. And here he is playing with his ninja stars... (Don't tell him, but I think he takes those things a little to seriously...) And here he is eating his favorite dish at the restaurant, ochazuke. I've never tried the dish, but Jude insisted that I prepare it sometime. So I'll add "Find Ochazuke Recipe" to my to-do list. That's all for today. AG and Jude.
  5. September 16, 2012 Oh wow. I can't believe this topic isn't closed, because I haven't updated in FOREVER. I'm not going to give any excuses. I really didn't have the time to update all summer. And for at least three weeks out of this summer, I was in a different country. (Skip to the pictures now if you don't care about my vacation stories.) I trekked across Greece and Italy, and blah blah blah, saw everything, took pictures, made friends, you get the idea. Long story short, I couldn't update. iD-L I've been playing with the thing on and off all summer, so I have no idea how many tamas I've gone through. Currently, I have a Kaubotchi, who has more than one care miss, so I should get Bokuhostichi. I'm going to try for Kuishinbotchi, because he is the cutest thing ever. And now for pictures And here he is outside. It probably will rain sometime today, and if not then definitely tomorrow or the next day. The seasons in the toys are meant to emulate those in Japan, and September-October is typically typhoon season- very wet and rainy. I thank all of my loyal seven followers, who haven't given up on me. It's good to know that I actually write for someone. That's all for now. Aperture, and... ...Wait. I never gave this little guy a name! Okay. His name is now Jude. I was just listening to that Beatles song and so now his name is Jude. Okay. Let's try again. Thanks for reading! Aperture and Jude EDIT: Oh wait!!! I took this picture in Palermo, I think. In Italian, it means Bologna Street. I thought it was hilarious. So now you guys can rejoice in the hilarity as well.
  6. This is a little off topic, but I have a hypothesis that the English iD-Ls and their respective characters could have a separate set of happy stickers... Bandai probably changed the happy stickers as well as the language.
  7. If you want an extremely low maintenance tama, the +Color is the way to go... But it only has 4 games if you count the bonus one and after a while, it gets a little monotonous.
  8. They didn't even introduce gender to characters until the version four came out. I think it's hilarious when I play with my V3 now and end up getting a boy Violetchi or a girl Kuchipatchi... so yeah, Tamagotchis have manifested the idea that gender doesn't matter.
  9. I'll give it a try- wish me luck... Smallest ---> Largest 1.Mini/Chibi 2.Originals, P1, P2, Angel, Morino, Santaclautch, etc... 3. Connections 4.TMGC+C 5. iD/iD-L 6. Tama-Go 7. Home Deka Tama 8. DekaTama 9. JukuTama I think that's it for the mainstream pets...