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    some were in your pocket look for me! maybe u can find me
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    mooi dragon: (vertical worlds are like second life but im not alive from the first so action games are my first life then i have vertical worlds)freaked ppl: (we want ur interests not ur lives) mooi dragon: (ooh no i dont have :D hahahaha)

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    umm i love team fortess more
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    umm heavy? no medic! no no no spy! aaah idk
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    i wanted to play call of duty mw3 but teamfortess better, visit my but its sick

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    I SAID nooo
  1. hi guys sorry i quited for a long time because i forgot my username and the password soo i tried to search in the mail box i have 1513 emails already and ill have more

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    2. xmichellex


      dude u entered at 5:30am ._. im still sleeping. try again tommorow

    3. tama-star-boy


      so i met tj he dosent believe that im dq

    4. xmichellex


      then idk. idc about him anymore -_-"

  2. hey its my 11 birth day

  3. why i dont talk with my friends ha tell me

  4. do i know u iam dq6060

  5. I have Lovelytchi on my Tama-Go!