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  1. So hey guys ! A couple years ago I started a tama log. As school started becoming very stressful I have up tamas for a bit but now since things are back on track I'm here to start my log again ! For now I'm going to start up 2 v3's and an idl. I'll be back with pictures stats and such very soon so just hand tight (: - Kody
  2. What was I thinking when I made my username ?

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      rofl i love your username !


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      HAHA I was just wondering that myself before I actually read your update. It made my day. xDD

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      Owl i like youre username o3o i anna be cat but its already taken oAo

  3. Hopefully a new video up today (: either way ill be making a post. But Gozarutchi left this morning. i best you're like huh ..? so ill explain later. Have a splendid day C:
  4. Bye Gozarutchi c:

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      Tama rage

      he finnally left, he was so annoying. aha.


    3. tamagotchialice
  5. BUSY WEEK. First of all im sorry for not posting everyday like im supposed to. It was the end of first term and I really needed to do good ! and i was also practicing for the school showcase which went amazing(: So basically my pineapple teen evolved into lovelitchi (: I really wanted moriritchi but then again I love Lovelitchi (: Im still debating which tamagotchis to start up and log along with my id-L. I thought about a v3 and music star so if thats the case ill start them up tomorrow(: My id-l's name was Naomi. This morning she got her final happy symbol, and she was dirty-.- She begged me to get married so she could start the family name, I agreed and she got married to kuromametchi. He took her on a lovely date and later purposed(: Naomi later had a baby boy whos name is Lee. Now here is the morning convo I had with Naomi (: Naomi: Its time for me to leave and get married now. Kody: I know I know but you havent got youre last symbol, so untill you get that you have to wait*: *GETS HAPPY SYMBOL* Naomi: There happy mageela ? Kody: Ugh fine lets go find you a husband. Naomi 10 mins later: I think I need to pic kuromametchi, hes so cute but tough. Hes like a teddy bear(: Kody: If youre sure beacause I only want whats best for you ! Naomi leaving Naomi: You took great care of me Kody but its time for me to leave, Take care of my boy and ill see you in a few days <3 Kody: Thanks for being an easy charecter and .... Well thanks for cutting me off and leaving -.- Well that was today not to exiting, i will probably make a video tonight by sure for tomorrow though, Bye <3
  6. Since I haven't played with tamas in so long , I gave myself a day to he close to it again <3 so I hatched a baby girl which later turned into a paletchi. We played this morning at the games center, we kept trying to find someone to play with at the park and to visit the tama marche. But it was cloudy so I guess no one came.and that was basically it for the child stage. And about 10 minutes ago my paletchi evolved into the one with a pineapple on its head ? Keep in mind tho is an I'd-l. So that was basically it i will post a conversation of the day after I finish my homework. So bye (: see you very soon.
  7. Long time no see! Im restarting this log as it was quite a sucess before. This time I will also post a log viedo for every post. Subscribe to the youtube channel below and watch the video for more info. I am going to get some batteries tonight and i pinky promise ill keep this log going for at least 6 months<3 love you all , bye. Link > <
  8. Im going to restart my Log today, Any title Ideas ?

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      Come up with an original title D:

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      Make it as unique as possible and DON'T COPY others' ideas.

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      being unique makes a log more fun to read. :)

  9. I hate my username so much,

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      Same here, but its not about the username, its about the person :)

    2. Tama rage

      Tama rage

      ^ True story (:

  10. After 4 1/2 months, I return.

  11. After 4 1/2 months, I return.

  12. Changing accounts (: I want to start a new log and I dont like y user name so see ya !

  13. My first tama was a graffiti v3 I brought It to school and I panicked beacause I needed to hide it and. Y teacher was coming so I shoved it in my water bottle . Regret that.
  14. I'm just really bored and science is getting boring so I'm going to start a so you can hatch everything from a v1 to an idl c