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  1. Really weird thing happened I got an anniversary 4U and it wouldn't transfer items from the app on my s5 for some reason but when I did it from my original 4U it worked perfect within a matter of seconds actually. I ended up having to delete the app and reinstall it. Which is very odd but it is working just fine now. Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. This topic can be closed I had to delete the app and reinstall it. Which is very weird but it is now working perfectly Fine.
  3. When I beam items from my phone to my regular 4u it works totally fine but when I try to do the same thing to my anniversary 4u it won't work? I did use a touch card on it but I don't see how that could cause any problems. If you have any tips let me know please!
  4. The S5 does work I just downloaded some items and characters last night you have to make sure you hear the beep then tap the screen move them apart and then together again and you tap the screen again and you will hear a pretty loud noise letting you know it has been sent to the 4U. hope this helps!
  5. Is there any other way to get the items/characters if you don't have a NFC capable device? Such as a USB dongle like we were able to use for the infrared so we could transfer such items to our Tamagotchi's.
  6. Yeah total accident my photobucket is acting strange for some reason.
  7. Really curious I have been seeing a lot of these popping up on ebay and such. Does anyone have any information as to what they do? Are they worth the money??
  8. Hello all I am selling my Blythe doll check out my Tumblr post for the details!

  9. Hey - happy birthday - hope you enjoy your day :)

  10. Welcome to TamaTalk! I'm very happy that you are working on these projects and I think that whatever the Tamagotchi Life line announces it will be wonderful! I'm very excited about your giveaway! Have a wonderful stay here and good luck with your work!
  11. Have an extra Love and Melody p's set would anyone like to buy it?

  12. I have two lovely melody sets coming to me and would love to sell the second one because by mistake I bought one from CdJapan without knowing that I forgot to cancel from HLJ. :/ would someone like to buy it from me when I receive it?
  13. HLJ also placed mine on discontinued so I traveled to CdJapan which I should of used anyways I decided to give HLJ another chance and they disappointed me once again. Oh well. Happy Thanksgiving guys