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  1. Is there a way to stay logged in as the character that I logged in as? I seem to always have to log in as a guest. Or pick between the characters that I have logged in as?
  2. Thanks for your input kuromametchifan! I guess I'll try getting the Melody Crown later as it'd be great to have in a collection ^-^ I just love the design,colors and melodychi Haha ^^
  3. So, I'm contemplating on buying a Tamagotchi iD L or a Tamagotchi Melody Crown. Which one would you get and why? I want your opinions! Thanks!
  4. Haha, thank you again :D

  5. Yay!~ ^_^

    and Thank you :)

  6. Not sure why my profile said I was male... lol...

  7. LOL sorry I'm new to this forum and didn't know I got a message/comment/whatever you want to call it lol. Ya I merged Hello Kitty with DeadMau5. I love hello Kitty and I love dub... hehe