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  1. Came here to start a v2 log, but seeing as how dead it is.. nevermind!! *poof*

  2. I really miss being here.  I want to start up a v2 or v3. Is this place active still? 

    1. decepticoncrown


      I'd say it's still pretty active!

    2. juushii


      I'm honestly pretty surprised how active this website still is.

      I just started popping back up here and it's super wholesome tbh.

      Welcome back!:ichigotchi:

  3. It saddens me to see all of these inactive accounts under the birthdays section. It gets me everytime v_v"

    1. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      I've noticed there is always a mix of active and inactive - some months having more of one. I always check to see when they last logged in, since those who did from 2016-2017 aren't really gone.

  4. Looove this photo. Here's Chasm! She evolved into a Memetchi. At first i had my heart set on Mimitchi, but once i ruined Chasm's perfect care, Debatchi came to mind. I was quite close considering both Debatchi and Memetchi are good-care (not perfect-care) adults. The first time i received Memetchi was Christmas Eve of '04.. 12 wopping years ago(on the original connection). This is the 3rd Memetchi i have owned since the beginning of the Tama-verse. It's factual. Chasm is currently 6 years old, which means we get the matchmaker tomorrow! Ah yiss.. Her training bar is full as well. I hope you guys like her wig. She chose it out when she was still a Kinakomotchi lol. Chasm is clairvoyant, she knew she was going to have little to no hair as an adult. I think she's just fine with the usual curl on her head.. She probably just wants to be pretty considering her mom was a flower. No, i mean it. She actually was a flower. Thats it for now.. Thank you rjalda and Sofee for the likes!! I'm so happy i started this log, the reason why isn't only due to personal hobbies and freedom in journaling, but also because tamaninjacat set up that christmas hatch!! After Wendula had her daughter Chasm, i knew it was time to log again. Thanks for reading, til next time. n_n
  5. Here's Chasm! I know, weird photo lol. She evolved into a Young Mimitchi in the shape of a hexagon. Cool. No, i've never actually given the ball item to a Young Mimitchi. This is my first time seeing this expression on one. Chasm looked like she was in a rather meditative state. *om* I actually already miss her as a Kinakomotchi, although Young Mimitchi are amongst my favorite teens. I miss meh little, squishy jellybag tama!! Twice Chasm's happy hearts went down to 3, so..we'll see. I'm going to attempt not letting her hungry/happy drop at all today. Chasm turns 3 today, and should be evolving into an adult in the afternoon tomorrow [here]. I'm quite excited. Hoping for a Debatchi, one of my faves. I know after the v3, they increased the growth rate of tamas, but even v1-v3's age too quickly for me. Sometimes i actually prolong their life by pausing them at night lol the last time i did that i think it took 9 full days for my tama to evolve into an adult. I became attatched too. That's it for now. Thank you for reading. And thank you SA311, Sofee, and Hapihapitchi for liking my last post n_n
  6. Hey everyone. Welcome to my new log! Jumping right in, here's Chasm. This is Wendula's daughter from the previous Christmas hatch. We are currently on generation 2. Chasms are deep breaches found in the Earth's crust or in caves etc. I never recycle tama names, I always create new names. (EDIT: the reason why I always create new names is because it helps me remember and keep track of past Tamagotchis even if I don't have a picture or any journal entry of them. For example: F-Zero the Ginjirotchi on my blue v2 who I'll never forget :c or Bibio [bee-beeyo] the Pipotchi on my green v3) Our Chasm is a Kinakomotchi! This has to be my favorite toddler from the connection series, it also brings me back to those good 'ol days of the v1! Kinakomotchi are based off of a puffy desert from Japan, which explains their cute, squishy bodies x) I'm very excited for this log, and for this gen. I love the characters you can get on even generations on the v2. I do want a Mimitchi this time around, but we'll see. Thats all for now til next time! -Jayy
  7. Hello all. So Wendula had a daughter!! The matchmaker matched Wendy with a Mimitchi! I clicked yes without 2nd thought. Anyways she left two nights ago actually, but i only just found time to update. That wraps up my part of the hatch. This was very fun n_n" Til next time. -Jay
  8. Just like rjalda, the v2. I love the selection of characters, i love how some of them are old, some new. I think tamagotchis have become something incredible, but i prefer the more vintage, animal-based characters (as opposed to humanoid). I like how care clearly affects their growth, but there seems to be some randomness to it as well. The entire of notion of the discipline meter, and parents affecting a child's growth is also an entire factor. The games are simple, and i enjoy the overall simplicity of the v2. I will always have a a deep love for the v1, as it came out during a really sad time in my life.
  9. "Cup 'o tea anybody?? They call this one Smoked dragon tea, and it's rather quite exquisite.." So just as I said, the curse strikes Back. I'm pretty happy with my results considering there was still some sort of plot twist being Kusatchi as opposed to Nyorotchi. This character is from one of the original versions. Such a pretty name for such a beautiful plant. I'll be updating in the next days and after Wendy meets the Matchmaker.
  10. Hello all, sorry for the late update, but here is our Wendula!!Shes actually 3 years old as i type, and she should be evolving tonight or tomorrow morning! Just as i expected, she evolved into an Oniotchi(low-care teen), i looove this teen despite my carelessness leading to this growth. For the past 3 days I've been taking very good care of her, but her happy Hearts dropped a lot quicker than her hungry Hearts which is pretty typical for low-level-care teen. Three times I found her happy hearts down to two, but I think she should be fine. I'm currently afflicted by an "average-care-curse" where all I get are average-care characters, but I'm hoping I get a good-care or a great-care character this time around. I'll update after she evolves. Im getting Nyorotchi vibes :s they always pop up on this v2.. I love this photo, look at the hot, crispy little onion x)
  11. Hey errbody diving right in, i had trouble finding my orange v2, so i decided to start my blue v2 instead. Funny enough my orange tama had what i thought to be the last battery which was a bummer, but i'm sure we have all randomly found hidden cr2032 battery packs stashed around our houses lol ah yiss... Welcoming Wendy to the hatch (short for Wendula [wen-doo-la]) i unfortunately hatched her right before i fell asleep and dozed off for a short nap, so we came off to a rough start, but i wouldn't reset her just for that . She evolved into the classic Marutchi. I'm not expecting to get a good teen at this point, but i'll update tomorrow(after she evolves), and I'm still attempting perfect care for her adult evolution!! Sorry for the photo size, but tinypic is acting weird, so i uploaded on photobucket, which only shows this size photo (default) as far as i can see..but here's our little Wendy next to a plant i purchased for her at the shop, it yielded a secret ingredient to help her complete a solution or concoction of sorts. A concoction of which will unleash chaos, destruction and holiday DOOM, go Wendy!!! Til next time!! -jay.