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  1. Hmm.....I dunno how people don't like the Hetalia fandom....

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. NintenNerd
    3. Tamagirl1124


      Makes sence I guess...even though I ship things xP

    4. DJYellow22


      Well, I guess they don't like the portrayal of countries, to some, it might be offensive to see World war 2 in such a lighthearted way.

  2. Kesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesese~
  3. Hetalia, This Ugly Yet Butiful Worlds, Clannad, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Fruits Basket, Princess Tutu, Chobits, Pokemon, Digimon, and Sarget Frog ^^
  4. I love them >.< I wonder why there gone from Sonic games
  5. Okay...I have tried this before and it kind of failed...I promise this would be better! Okay so this log is gonna have my ID L V. 5 Angelgotchi and Tama-Go~ At the moment my ID L is Gozartchi my V 4 is a todler just I don't know the name of it...and my Angelgotchi is also a todler....sorry I'm not good with names and I will add pictures later~
  6. My faviorte Tama's are the V.2 and the ID L. The V.2 It's so simple and reminds me of awhile a go when everyone had a Tama~
  7. I want a new Tama.....any ideas on a new one??

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      It depends on what kind of Tama you're after. The Music Star has lots of features, so try that one. If you want a simpler Tama, try the version 3 (I love the mini-games on that one!)

    2. Iceland <3

      Iceland <3

      The Music star is about ten to twenty bucks, and is pretty fun, so I'd recommend that one.

  8. I just keep it in my pocket when I take it and turn the sound off xDD Ounce I was talking to my science teacher and I was playing with the keychain part. The /whole/ Tama came out of my pocket and he dident say a thing...I just hate when it goes off in class because I forget to turn the sound off. I left my V.4 in my gym locker room ounce....and the teacher let me go get it~ Well....it was a sub. Either way I was glad no one stole it. In my school people steal a lot.... As for bringing in a Tama-Go I think it would be safer to keep it in a pencil poutch...I've never tried to bring my Tama-Go before...
  9. I say...ummm....this is hard....uhhhhh....I guess Kutchipatchi as America~
  10. I wanna try! Okay I'll hatch my IDL and V2 if I can get batteries for them~ I'll try~
  11. Well, now there is the new Tamagotchi L.I.F.E thing going on.....we shouldent give up hope yet~
  12. Well...it dose seem kind of cool.....but only to a point. I really hope there is a new Tama!!! >.< But if it's not then what? An app i might be able to get if it's on the Kindle Fire. But if it's like Angry Birds i'm going to scream. I don't really like how there is everything and anything for it. If it's an anime/manga I would fangirl scream because i love anime~ If it's a video game I have know idea what I'd do, because I like video games too. But if it's stuff like shirts I might buy one. Depends on what it is...I really don't know about this
  13. I love this new picture ^^

  14. I think I'm gonna start a log....but a

  15. I'm going to be more active now~! ^^ Well....when school ends...^^ *Le has no life*