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  1. Selling Lots of Tamas! Topic in tbay soon!

  2. Recently I have had no time for tamas. Though Harvest Moon has filled my need for an addiction.

    1. purpurn


      OMG I LOVE HARVEST MOON! I'm playing the one from GBA at the moment on my SP :3

    2. nokotchi


      omfg Harvest Moon is the bessttttttttt

  3. Might sell some tamas for the extra money. I really need it.

    1. graficks


      Hold on to them a little longer - you won't regret it!

  4. I amost won 2 american angels for free. but I stupidly didnt check listia the day it ended.

    1. XBlackIrisX


      Oh I need to sign up for listia >>; lol

  5. Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns comes out today. I ordered offline. Can't wait till it comes in!

  6. I can't wait to get back to BGSU tomorrow.

  7. Salty! I went home for labor day weekend. And left all of my tamas at BGSU. I wanted to start running a v4.

    1. FullBlownWitch


      Ohhh bbooo :( That makes me sad

  8. darn, lost the P1/P2 I was bidding one while I was at a dorm activity.

  9. Two v4s came in today.

  10. My Nano ran out of batteries already....that was like a week...what the heck...

    1. tamame20


      was it in the first wave, cuz its probably just the age of the batery

    2. SailorRosette


      I have a first wave and its not out of battery yet... That sucks. I hope you find some more.

  11. So I hope all my new tama babies get here soon. And the shipping address works. Because it has once. But one time it jsut did not/

  12. I bought a fish.

  13. Ordered a Tamagotchi v4 and Tamagotchi School yesterday. Can't wait for them to come in.

  14. I ordered Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns for DS. I can't wait now.