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    I love dogs, and I love drawing, painting, writing stories. I love my family and friends. My b day is on Feb 18th, I'm 12 years old, I have a FAT pekingese dog, and I love chocolate. :)

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    I remember that my old V3 was fun :)
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    Itchigatchi :D
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  1. Okay so Bob's gonna leave tonight at midnight. Sorry for such a bad log today!
  2. Bob got married! He married Maiditchi and had a baby boy! (I think) the sad thing is; is that Bob will be leaving soon. The possibly last stat's of Bob Hungry:4/4 Happy: 4/4 Gender: Boy Name: Bob Age: 5 years Weight: 36lbs Stress: 0 T: 999 R: 999 O: 999 Music Genre: R & B Character: Shimashimatchi Generation: 1 Wife: Maiditchi!
  3. So I played games with Bob, and he's got the most points you can get!! Tone:999 Rhythm: 999 Original:999 ~Bob's stats~ Hungry:4/4 Happy: 4/4 Gender: Boy Name: Bob Age: 4 years Weight: 30lbs Stress: 0 T: 999 R: 999 O: 999 Music Genre: Rock 'n' Roll Character: Shimashimatchi Generation: 1 Woo hoo!
  5. SO! Sorry for not updating much yesterday! As you can see, Bob's a pretty boring character. Any-who, well today might be my last day with Bob Today he's 4, so tomorrow he'll be five, and THE MATCHMAKER WILL COME! I hope. This'll be my first mating Tama! (Like I said before, my mom threw out my old ones! ) so technically it's not my total LAST day with Bob, but pretty mu=ch my last full care day for him I'll take care of his baby though If it's a girl I'll name her...Bree? Like Bree cheese? Sure, why not? So since we're on the topic of cheese I shall name his boy...ok I don't know a boy cheese name so I shall name him Max. =Bob's (possibly last) stats= Gender: Boy Name: Bob (How creative) Age: 4 years Weight: 31 lbs Hungry: 4 Happy: 4 Stress: 4 Tone: 833 Rhythm: 834 Original: 999 Current Music Genre: R and B Character: ShimaShimatchi Generation: 1 Band Name: Rock3rs Bob would like to say something to all the viewers: Hey all you view peoples! Thanks for watching my tama log! Tomorrow (hopefully) the matchmaker will come, and I'll get married! I'm sure my owner will put some pictures up! Okay, so that concludes my log....PEACE OUT GIRL SCOUT!
  6. By the way! Bob should be mating in 2-3 days!!!
  7. Hello fellow Tama Talkers! So today Bob turned 3! I woke up to the sound of my tama beeping, I looked, and Bob's hungry hearts were all gone. So I quickly fed him, I looked at his stress and it was a whopping 30!! I praised him, and let him play with his toys, and played games with him. Around 11:30am (my time) Bob's band manager (The guitar dude) came and gave him a paycheck of 1,000,000 GP! Nothing else is really happening. He's just bobbing across the screen....lol BOBbing, hehe Bob's Stats! Gender: Boy Name: Bob (How creative) Age: 3 years Weight: 30 lbs (He lost weight) Hungry: 4 Happy: 4 Stress: 1 Tone: 652 Rhythm: 625 Original: 778 Current Music Genre: R & B music Character: ShimaShimatchi Generation: 1 P.S if you guys want pictures, PM me please! Thanks
  8. -Bob's Stats as of now- Gender: Boy Name: Bob (How creative) Age: 2 years Weight: 34 lbs Hungry: 4 Happy: 4 Stress: 6 Tone: 358 Rhythm: 354 Original: 506 Current Music Genre: Rock 'n' Roll Character: ShimaShimatchi Generation: 1
  9. Bob and his band of Kuromametchi, Dorotchi, and Him (Shimshimatchi) got pro debut! Then to make extra money, Bon and I worked at a cake shop!!!
  10. Bob turned into Shimashimatchi while I was sleeping I wanted Mametchi so badly!! But I got a "Good care" Character anyways I made sure all his hearts were happy and everything. *sigh* But Shimashimatchi is pretty cute too...he's just not Mametchi.
  11. Bob didn't evolve yet, he was supposed to evolve around 11:30pm like last night. I guess he'll be a late evolver?? *sigh*
  12. I forgot to post the stats of my tama! Gender: Boy Name: Bob (How creative) Age: 1 year Weight: 20 lbs Hungry: 4 Happy: 4 Stress: 0 Tone: 285 Rhythm: 252 Original: 440 Current Music Genre: R and B Character: kikitchi Generation: 1 Band Name: Rock3rs He is currently sleeping (He falls asleep at like 8:30pm and wakes up somewhere between 8-8:30am!) He should evolve soon...I'll keep you guys posted!
  13. I recently got a Tama Music Star (V6). It hatched as a boy, then an hour later turned into a child (Kuribotchi) , a day later it turned into a Teen (Kikitchi) I always keep the stress down, I think the highest it was, was like 20 stress points. I always make sure that all the hearts are filled. I kind of don't like that you have to buy the food when they're a teen and stuff, but the Gotchi king sends me money so it's all good lol. I've been giving my tama good care, and tonight he should turn into an adult! I really want to get Mametchi, and it's only my first generation. I'll post who I got later tonight!!!
  14. So, I'm sort of new to Tamatalk and tamagotchis (I collected before, but my mom accidentally threw them out ) So I ordered a pink Tamagotchi music star and I want to get a tama go. Is a Tama go really fun? Thanks guys! Also, should I get an angelgothci? I want to buy it with my own money, but is it worth it? Thanks guys!