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  1. I'm back! Not sure if y'all remember me haha. My last status was 4 years ago when I was 18, I'm 22 now lol.

    1. Fae Kizunatchi

      Fae Kizunatchi

      Wow! It's exciting seeing original members returning. :)

    2. tamaninjacat
    3. Purimatchi!


      I remember you!!

  2. Translated from the Tamagotchi Mix Perfect Care Book, sorry if this already exists. the care book also lists every tama's likes and dislikes so let me know if you guys need it The first town - Tamagotchi Town, is already unlocked. ぱっちのもり - Patchi Forest - After you make/meet a friend, go outside. フラワーヒルズ - Flower Hills - Remodel your room to フラワーリビング マーメイドパレス - Mermaid Palace - Connect to another device more than 3 times (have only tried this with a M!x) レインボーヒルズ - Rainbow Hills - During a clear day outside, use the はなのたね between 7am and 3pm for a chance to unlock (you can use the item over and over until it unlocks) ござるむら - Gozaru Village - Remodel your room to ござるリビング, then use the ほらがい (you get one at Mermaid Palace when you go to マリンパーティー) ベリータウン - Berry Town - Feed one tamagotchi 10 ベリー2サンデー from the cafe スペイシーランド - Spacy Land - Reach 3rd generation on a Spacy version, go outside on a clear night between 7pm and 9pm メロディーランド - Melody Land - Reach 3rd Generation on a Melody version, go outside on a clear day between 7am and 9am
  3. I'm 18! Haha I feel a bit old now. XD

    1. The Ultimate Doomer
    2. Amber-Cakes


      happy birthday! :)

      18 is not old.

      Neither is 20 but i feel super old at 20! I am so different from other 20 year olds.

      but that is okay~

  4. Happy Birthday LC! Hope you are doing well in school.

    1. LittleChamametchi


      Thanks! I'm doing okay so far :)

  5. Got my uratama from tamalover134! Too busy to play with it at the moment haha :/

  6. you'll see my collection and it has the pic of the one music star want! (still in the package toward the top of the pic.
  7. Survived my first week of uni... so exhausted.

    1. graficks


      Keep your chin up. The first year of Uni is always the most difficult. You'll do great!

    2. Memetchi Fan
    3. LittleChamametchi


      Lol... university?

  8. The 15th anniversary edition is more expensive and harder to find. The main difference between the two are the raisable characters. There are some exclusive backgrounds, locations, some new foods and items instead of the ones on the normal version. The minigames are much more difficult than the iDL and if you have no way of transferring downloads, it'll be really hard to earn money for your character. If you can't find the 15th anniversary or your parents say no to it, the normal version is pretty much the same so don't think you're missing out on anything.
  9. Sitting in a asian food court today and something caught my eye... Tamagotchi was on the tv screen. My excitement could not be contained.

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    2. Orandatchi


      :D I <3 seeing the tamagotchi commercials.
    3. Agent_Nami
    4. LittleChamametchi


      It was actually the anime haha. I was a bit shocked.

  10. Keep a hiragana and katakana chart at your desk/wall so that you can look at it every time you're distracted. Once you know all that, work on sentence structure. Watch English subbed anime/drama it REALLY helps with vocab.
  11. Yeah! Potassium's really good for girls who get period cramps (remember that!) You'll learn about it in High School most likely in Chemistry or Physics. It's a highly interesting subject!
  12. Honestly, I'm more worried about getting radiation from bananas than Japanese products. (Bananas are rich in potassium which means there's a small chance of it containing Potassium - 40 which is radioactive) Also, a lot of nuclear radiation is slowly disintergrating due to half lives and such, so the radiation problem surrounding Fukushima is gradually decreasing. If you're more worried about such things, consult this chart! It's a bit old, so the numbers relating to Fukushima should be fractionally less.
  13. I think most phones with infrared capabilities are able to transfer files to the iDL I don't know much about infrared USBs but I use my mum's Nokia E71 ($150) to transfer files but I'm sure an E63 will work just as well... plus it's a fairly cheap phone ($99 AUD). Both phones are really good. However, avoid the C3 because it doesn't have an infrared port.