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  1. Can someone help me? I got a ID L and I want to know if this usb is able to use to download tamagotchi stuff for my id l?

    1. Ribonitchi
    2. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Yes, any infra red adapter should be able to do it but transferring files is fussy sometimes.

    3. RubyLullaby


      @Eternal Mametchi Fan, Yes, that´s true but I would also look whether there are the right drivers which will fit to your system. I´m using for example a Computer with Windows 7 64 bit, so I bought the irDa USB which was compatibel with it (Although I ´m using the laptop of my little sister with windows 32 bit. The laptop found the drivers automatically but sometimes this doesn´t works. For example on my Computer with windows 7 64 bit c: Hope you know what I mean) Also this...