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  1. Does anyone know if we can change our tamatalk user name? I don't really like it anymore and I want to go back on tamatalk again but with a new user name but not create a whole new account. Anyone know?

    1. MarshyMellow


      You can't change your username, you'll have to make a new account.

    2. ammonride


      I think ribonotchi is a cool enough name

  2. Hey guys I have a question planning on buying 4U+ is it worth it or even fun??

    1. protoman87


      For me it isn't that fun unless you have a device that has NFC and is able to work with it

  3. Anyone here from NYC have a Tamagotchi M!X and would like to meet up to unlock Mermaid Palace together. We need about 4 people to join. A time, date, and place will be set up when we have the necessary amount of people joined. I also asked some people from the Tamagotchi Colectors group on facebook you guys can go check that out there.

    1. Blooperz00


      In NYC and would like to connect as Tama people in general - I want to buy a M!X but need to think about what i'm willing to pay

  4. So is Bandai America planning on making a Tamagotchi Color or not? Honestly I've been waiting forever for it and I really hope they do.

    1. riss2004m
    2. ISmileBecauseImStrange


      Someone on the FB groups was talking about one potentially coming out in 2018 or something.. :/


    3. ichiro.malfoy


      Don't believe hearsays and wait for an "official" statement from Bandai themselves.

  5. Hi I wanted to know what kind of USB do I need to be able to download items to my Tamagotchi ID L I found one and I want to double-check if this one is right: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SONY-VGP-URM10-VAIO-Remote-Control-USB-IR-Adapter-/281903030756?hash=item41a2bae1e4:g:8K0AAOSwKtlWjctU If anyone can help me out it'd be great!! Also, Can someone give me a link to where I can download the ID L downloads or send me the download. Thank You!! My ID L started getting boring and I never tried downloading anything to it so I wanted to try it out now!
  6. Can someone help me? I got a ID L and I want to know if this usb is able to use to download tamagotchi stuff for my id l?

    1. Ribonitchi
    2. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Yes, any infra red adapter should be able to do it but transferring files is fussy sometimes.

    3. RubyLullaby


      @Eternal Mametchi Fan, Yes, that´s true but I would also look whether there are the right drivers which will fit to your system. I´m using for example a Computer with Windows 7 64 bit, so I bought the irDa USB which was compatibel with it (Although I ´m using the laptop of my little sister with windows 32 bit. The laptop found the drivers automatically but sometimes this doesn´t works. For example on my Computer with windows 7 64 bit c: Hope you know what I mean) Also this...

  7. Back on Tamatalk might start collecting tama's again :3 Will be getting 4u+ but does anyone know about hoppe-chan/cheeky-chan pet? is it fun?

  8. Its been so long since I've been on here!!

  9. So the 4u is coming out soon, i know this is a bit early to ask but will there be an english translation just like how they did with the tamagotchi p? If anyone knows who is the person who made the english patch, i might buy the 4u

    1. *Hayden*


      She probably will, but first she needs to figure out the hardware and translate, it could take months actually... Its not easy ;p

  10. anyone here play the tamagotchi tap and hatch app? i actually find it quiet fun and addicting to collect all the adult characters

    1. Jade27
    2. furbitchi


      I'm obsessed I'm up to the Tama angel levels

  11. wow have not been on in forever!

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    2. tamatown123


      Hey!!! welcome back. x :)

    3. tamaninjacat


      Welcome back to TamaTalk, Ribonitchi!

    4. Izzy429M


      Welcome back

  12. My ID L already has scratches wahh! and 2 are visible );

  13. Alot of people are getting the tamagotchi friends, How is it so far? I see its on ebay for like 50 bucks I think i'd rather wait for the release in american thats around 20 dollars then right now for 50

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    2. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      It's a really good version though!

    3. Tamacass


      I cant wait till' my TF arrives! Even though it costed $67. 50 on eBay (O_O) I think it was worth it!

    4. Ribonitchi


      @eternal mametchi fan hmm maybe i will then, if people are recommending i shall buy!

  14. Help me! I want to collect all the happy stickers for lovelytchi so far I have 3 but idk what item of thing is the last sticker I used the mic,parfait,and the princess dress what's the last one? This is for the id l please help me and thank you!

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    2. Ribonitchi


      @eternal mamemtchi fan

      I didn't use the other 4th sticker, buy the item or is it only 3 stickers? I had her since yesterday and today and thank you for replying :3

    3. tamafan325


      you can only collect 3 stickers, the fourth one comes automatically after having the adult character for 48 hours

    4. Ribonitchi


      @tamafan325 oh, thanks for the information i had no idea lol

      thanks for help guys~

  15. It'd have to be the v4 and the v4.5 tamagotchi's were extremely popular that time during those releases I remember. I never owned a v3 so I wouldn't know if the v3 was good, I might consider buying it though
  16. thinking about getting a tamagotchi school anyone has that one or anyone reccomend any tama's I have v4.5, v5, music star,tama-go,tamagotchi angel, and getting an english id l

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    2. Box


      I recommend a V2

      Tamagotchi School is kinda dull

      feels like the Tama-GO after a while (though I still prefer the Schook over the Tama-GO)

    3. SailorRosette


      Suku are fun and generally pretty simple. There are two versions. I also have the TamaFure that goes with it.

    4. Ribonitchi


      thanks so much guys! :-D

  17. Yay I ordered my English ID L!! I'm so happy, this is going to be my first tamagotchi in color planning on getting the tamagotchi p soon as well when i have the money o.o they released so many pierces already i hope i can get them all >.

  18. Is the tamagotchi english id l worth it? I might buy it on ebay right now there selling them for a good price and i'm going to waste my christmas movie on it so is it worth it? anyone has the id l?

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    2. Kait


      I have both English and Japanese. I prefer running the English just because you can easily read it, haha. It's a nice little addition to a great Tama. It does make a difference :D


      I have never had any glitches, though ^^

    3. SailorRosette


      A character has to have a download item as an happy item. One of the boys on the english IDL.

    4. Ribonitchi


      thank you guys! :) i might purchase today and @kait where did you buy your id l? on ebay or from stores?

  19. I just found out about the new toy tamagotchi friends!! and omg i can not wait i'm a little disappointed its not a color but heck with it new tamagotchi! we can text,new fashion apparently, and new new bump feature! i'm running to my toysrus store on december 26 and i will fight these little kids for it im not even joking lol my childhood dreams are back!!

    1. SailorRosette


      Its different release dates for UK vs USA...

    2. Mamapatchi


      USA get it 23rd of November 2014.

    3. Ribonitchi


      thanks for letting me know! and darn thats far but ill be prepared!

  20. anyone bought the animal crossing new leaf game?

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    2. nyle9009


      its so fun so far

    3. neonmoo


      I have it pre-ordered as the UK wont get it till the 14th

    4. Ribonitchi


      dang, im still thinking about buying it idk though because i want this other game limited edition which is gonna cost alot of money and a dvd but i also want animal crossing :/ decisions,decisions

  21. no they don't run away oh hey you have nintendogs too! i have it x3
  22. wah i want an english id l but i guess its already to late D: i don't see any on ebay i was planning to get one for my bday soon

  23. hmm seems like a cool app but honestly i'd prefer the tamagotchi egg I wonder whens the next tama coming out or if -.- i'll still play the app, give it a shot but i really want to buy new tamagotchi's D: overall its neat i guess :,(
  24. hmm well uh the new tamagotchi life app sounds nice and everything but uh!! HELLO WHERE IS THE EGG! you know the actual pet on your hands ); ill get the app but i'm still waiting for that new TAMAGOTCHI BANDAI!!!!! if you think this will lure me into forgetting about it! but yeah nice app lol im just not going to get too comfortable with it haha xD