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  1. Curt

    Hahah, it wasn't my first choice to be honest. I'm sort of glad my first choice was taken now though!

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  3. Curt

    Yeah, I was so amazed when I signed up and this username of all of them was available. Amazing luck, I'd say. *Hi5!!*

  4. ~L~

    Dude, My name is Curtis, And people call me Curt. *HIGH FIVE*

  5. Yeah, I'm quite a fan of the Showa films myself. They're so cheesy, but in a way where you can't help but enjoy 'em. Heisei as an era started off great, but I thought it got mindless by the end. Millenium films seemed really hit-or-miss to me; you either loved 'em or hated 'em. Regarding Genjitchi... I know Morgiie (her username on here) is intending to buy one in the next week or two. I may purchasing one later on as well, though that depends on whether or not they stay in their current eBay price range. Both of us will be able to help with any questions needing answers and any rumours needing disproval.
  6. Yep, Mothra definitely needs (and deserves) more coverage. Thankfully people like us are still playing our Mothra Tamagotchis and allowing for information to be confirmed and rumours to be dismissed.
  7. UPDATE! At exactly 4:18 pm today (20-some minutes ago), my Mothra Larva changed into a Mothra Grub. I can confirm that weight increase is not a factor whatsoever, as I kept my Mothra Larva at minimum weight (10 tons) throughout the whole process. I can further clarify that how I assumed the growth chart to be (Egg->Baby->Larva->Grub->Cocoon->Adult) was correct as well. Glad I was able to clear all this up!
  8. Will do! I found your guide in particular quite helpful in my decision. I was getting rather impatient, especially when I'd wake up late and Mothra wouldn't really end up doing much before sleeping herself. Your calculations on the Larva waiting time (the "30 and a half hours" thing) really helped me to be more patient with all this. I'm not sure of my time exactly, but I know I'll definitely pass 30.5 hours within the next two days (most likely tomorrow). We'll see how your calculations hold up then. Even if they're off slightly but still before 36 hours, you calculated right for that 6 hour period!
  9. Not sure how this applies to Mothra, but I presume like other Tamagotchis keeping the weight [relatively] low is healthier. Still, there are special cases (like in Morino) where increasing the weight is necessary for some stages. What has me iffy about it is that it just seems so early in Mothra's growth. The stages that require weight increases are the just preceding the Cocoon stage in Morino, and they aren't the only stages to choose from. In Mothra's case, you'd push the weight directly after its Toddler stage with no choice about having to or not if you want to progress. That seems far too early and far too restricted, in my opinion. I suppose I'll have an idea if my Larva ends up dying as a Larva, though!
  10. Firstly, the growth chart I've been using has been Egg->Baby->Larva->Grub->Cocoon->Adult. I can't be certain if this is how it actually is, but if you're familiar with the movies it makes the most sense. As well, most logs and guides I've come across have either described the Larva->Grub transition, or the Grub->Cocoon->Adult transition. Anyhow... I've been trying to keep my Mothra Larva at minimum weight. After she'd been a Larva for a few days, I decided to use logs to get an idea of growth times (I'd always pause her due to never being up early). A few of the logs I looked at said the Larva->Grub transition required a high weight. I was skeptical, as the guides all stated they'd "heard it somewhere". My Mothra is currently 5, and still a Larva. It's possible that it just hasn't been long enough (never clocked over 8 hours in a day), though I'd still like clarification before I gorge my Mothra Larva.
  11. welcome to tamatalk! :D