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  1. That was my initial thought as well! I am intrigued as to what kind of "gimmick" for lack of better words this version will have surrounding it. It is also giving me some Tama-Go vibes as well, but I could easily be wrong. I am wondering if there is IR underneath the potential removable top portion or if it something different altogether. Lots of questions, but I am happy to just have some information that there is a planned next launch!
  2. I wonder if these shells are exclusive to the UK, either way it is pretty cool that the P1's and P2's are still going strong! I am curious to see if Europe will have different face plates kind of like South Korea.
  3. With my experience changing the time does not really effect the growth of the Tama. The only thing that may effect it is if you change the time to keep it constantly asleep and never wake up it will not change into the next stage of life. It sounds like you have the Peter Pan Glitch. as of right now there is not a fix that is known to allow for the character to evolve to the next stage. I had this glitch happen to me with a baby and the baby took 4 days of not feeding to die. Then a teenager on separate a Device that was brand new out of box. The only thing that I can think of is connecting non-adult characters to the app somehow causes the glitch and/or downloading items, wallpaper, food or gotchi points may effect growth cycles for some reason. That is the only thing I can think of. In conclusion, it looks like there isn't a way around it, unless you try to keep it alive until it eventually evolves, but with the glitch, there isn't a guaranteed fix or trigger to allow for the evolution.
  4. I am running 4 Tamagotchi On's right now and have been pretty successful with keeping them alive. (2 Magic and 2 Fairy On's) I also want to get the Sanrio and other versions that are Japanese exclusive, as of right now. Running more than one isn't too hard, if you can handle one, you can most likely handle 2 more no big change. From where I have been looking, Amazon Japan has the best price from what I can see. a secondary shop is JapanYouWant as the shipping price does not increase even if you buy 4 Tamagotchi's at once. The Japanese exclusive genes can be hard to get depending on the items you go on, it also just depends on the people on at the moment. Like one if they are paying attention, and the other if they are new to the meets, they may not know that they can accept proposals without marrying. My verdict is if you are interested in the versions, get them. Tamagotchi's have not really gone down in value, especially the color screen versions. (as long as they are in good condition you can get your money back if you wanted to sell them off in the future). I'd say it is a good investment.
  5. You have to wait until you see your character in their room and then you press either A or B (I can't remember which one). It takes a little bit but not long, after that it will show you the date and the name of your character too.
  6. I feel you! I like the shell designs a lot as well and I only know of Demon Slayer, but past the name and a few character designs, I know nothing xD
  7. Blue Shell: https://www.gamestop.com/toys-collectibles/collectibles/seasonal-items-novelty-gifts/products/demon-slayer-kimetsu-no-yaiba-tanjirotchi-japanese-version-tamagotchi/11103378.html?utm_expid=.Hn2ODSotSjW4yWszOrBF7Q.0&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gamestop.com%2Fsearch%2F%3Fq%3Dtamagotchi%26lang%3Ddefault%26rule%3Dbest-matches Brown Shell: https://www.gamestop.com/toys-collectibles/collectibles/seasonal-items-novelty-gifts/products/demon-slayer-kimetsu-no-yaiba-nezukotchi-japanese-version-tamagotchi/11103379.html?utm_expid=.Hn2ODSotSjW4yWszOrBF7Q.0&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gamestop.com%2Fsearch%2F%3Fq%3Dtamagotchi%26lang%3Ddefault%26rule%3Dbest-matches GameStop seems to have listed the Demon Slayer up for pre-order and they have a filler date of the 1st of January of 2021. This is exciting even if it is still in Japanese! EDIT: It is in Japanese but Bandai.com is said to have English instructions. This is weird, but I kind of like them bringing over releases that I did not expect to see outside of Japan! Also, There are only 2 shells of the 3. The black shell with purple and white accent is not on the website for us to see. EDIT 2: AMAZON has all three shells: https://smile.amazon.com/Tamagotchi-Slayer-Kisatsutaitchi-Japanese-Version/dp/B08BNVZDVH/ref=sr_1_49?dchild=1&keywords=tamagotchi&qid=1593787181&sr=8-49&th=1 I am unsure if the Black shell is exclusive for Amazon for the Us and Canada, like it was in Japan.
  8. UPDATE: @PunkRockTamagotchi I finally got around to making the video and was able to film a successful and unsuccessful run to show both endings to the game, I hope this was somewhat helpful! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBxs7_ZH8RM
  9. Seeing that this release is indeed confirmed by Bandai and several retailers have them up for pre-order, should this be moved out of the Rumors section?
  10. That is super interesting, I am going to have try it out and see if it helps! Thank you for the link and good luck with getting the Majoritchi genes!
  11. For her you are going to have to mix with mixed genes from the CPU's or if you come across anyone with mostly Majoritchi genes. I have successfully gotten pure Atchitchi two generations in a row. This being said everything except his proper color, I think one was purple and the other was red instead of orange. I did so by marrying Atchitchi when my character was a female and married off my males to other characters that I would find in the park and hoped they accepted my proposal. (nowadays people are more likely to accept proposals). I also have successfully gotten a hull Hoshigirltchi with only marrying her once and getting twins and one of the twins was an exact clone of her! I got super lucky, but previous in the generation there were very few changes from being married until that generation it completely switched from the hair dresser character. I am currently trying to marry Hoshigirltchi genes into 2 of my other Tamagotchi's in hopes to get a male Hoshigirltchi and marry off to my full 'gened' girl. The best thing to do it only marry with characters that have the genes. I have been following a Japanese player logging theirs and they were even denoting the fullness and emptiness of the meal and snack meters when they evolved. I am not sure that there are correlations to prove if it will help in getting certain genes.
  12. Why doesn't Uwasatchi want to meet me at the park? I go at the time frame between 7 - 8:59 AM and nothing. I guess she is either hiding or not guaranteed to be the first character you see when you go to the park. I don't remember it being hard to find her on my pink and purple On's, though!

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    2. 321Boom


      Really sorry to hear that you've been having such issues with this glitch on more than one occasion :( Must reduce your  overall enjoyment from the Tama On experience. Really hope it's all ok now after the hard reset at least, maybe you can start enjoying it to it's fullest :) 

    3. Purimatchi!


      I am not too upset tbh but I do hope that the next version our next generation of the Tamagotchi brand doesn't have the amount of problems the meets and On does.  Good news, I finally got Uwasatchi to come after 10 + tries and then realized that she can come more than once a day, so technically one get both coupons on the same day and have them in the very beginning of the time you have the device.

    4. 321Boom


      Same here, I really hope they at least remove the glitches from the next line to be released. Heartbreaking losing everything, even the Peter Pan glitch isn't fun to encounter making you lose all the gene mixing you've been working on :( Oooh awesome about Uwasatchi! I didn't know you could meet her twice in the same day! Interesting find! :D 

  13. This case is for the Tamagotchi Connection series. These will fit on the V1 - V6, which are relatively flat Tamagotchi's. The On is not only wider but bigger in every dimension than this case will be able to cover. There are other cases on Amazon and eBay and I'm sure other online stores, that have a case big enough for the On device. https://www.amazon.com/Viviplus-Protective-Silicone-Tamagotchi-Electronic/dp/B083LNFX7P/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=tamagotchi+on+case&qid=1592247326&sr=8-3 There are several listings, and I know that there are some without cat ears. Just make sure that if it shows the Tamagotchi in the case that it is a colored screen Tamagotchi and it should fit (not 100% fool proof, but is a pretty good measure of fit)
  14. Just for clarity, as of the time of these comments and topic, the Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden is only releasing in the North American region. I don't want people getting wrong information reading this Until there is a source or Bandai announces that the release will go to other places outside of the North American territory, it really is not a worldwide release. We can hope and keep our fingers crossed though!