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    Victoria, Australia
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    Tamagotchi and Animal Crossing, I guess... Sometimes I bring my tamagotchi to school hahaha

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    Probably the v3, but I also use my v4 and I use it the most. I have a v5 and TamaGo too.
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    Yattatchi!!!! Duh, she is so cute and happy and adorable!!!
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    None, they were confiscated.
  1. Back from 2 years. Where'd my tama go?

  2. I just had a creeper blow my personal best DIAMOND BLOCK shack which I made in less than five hours :( so much for riches

  3. I'm BAAACK!! Say hi guys! I missed all of you and a lot has changed. Guys!! I missed ya and in that time.... I became a... a... brony! Even though I'm a girl. Sexist jerk.

    1. The Ultimate Doomer

      The Ultimate Doomer

      I'm a boy. I'm anti-genderist (opposed to discrimination against gender. :)

  4. what are worse: endermen creeping behing you and then making a creepy sound or creepers giving you a hug?

    1. joshnemo


      I'd have to choose an exploding Creeper. The Endermen's noise sounds like a fart, and I don't find anything scary about that! :P

  5. ok. who really hates when ender man creep up behind you?? EEEEKK!!!!!

    1. Alicefly


      I still hate creepers more!

  6. who is scraed of something that doent exist

  7. who is scraed of something that doent exist

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. wameed98



      If your talking about white ditto. thats real.

    3. chrispilot2293


      well, im terrified of the Slender Man! :(

    4. memetchi <3

      memetchi <3

      For me? Endermen. O_O

  8. who is scraed of something that doent exist

  9. hi go yattachi:)

    friend meh

  10. hi go yattachi:)

    friend meh

  11. who loooves minecraft

    1. memetchi <3

      memetchi <3

      Minecraft's okay, filled with fun and explosives. :P

  12. I shall try again. ok. put that picture in of the cats. then try and go onto www.glitteryourway.com and click on the poppy font. make it pink. make it say, does anyone want cuddles? thx LET ME DUMB IT DOWN FOR YOU.
  13. I'm up to $70 dollars. comment and I'll donate 10$