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  1. I have a crush on my ex boyfriend. We had a little distance before we broke up.... but the relationship between us is so confusing. He openly admited to me a few months back that he liked this girl who i know, but didn't want to date anyone. But.... then he kissed me recently, we were just walking after school was over, and kissed a bit. But I really don't know what he wants in any of this... ?
  2. @dazzilitchigirl I understand that is your point of view of this topic. But it's okay for people can have "crushes" on anyone even if they are in a relationship. If you like someone, most of the time you don't know why + can't help liking them. if you're devoted to another person, then you're devoted to another person, having a crush doesn't make your devotion any less.
  3. .....it's been a while

  4. I'm so nervous for my audition.... I really don't think i can sing well compared to the other people auditioning

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    2. nyle9009
    3. Owl


      Let us know how it goes!

    4. Tamagotchi Foreva

      Tamagotchi Foreva

      just got back, and it actually didn't go that bad. I messed up a little but i'm proud

  5. ^ I know who dave strider is ^-^ > is happy V is happy too?
  6. a person went missing at my school today and we stayed in the same class for 2 hours becuase thye were searching. and then we got sent home early.... there was helicopters and police search dogs and everything. kinda worried for thhat poor person who went missing

  7. happy birthday uwu

    1. Tamagotchi Foreva

      Tamagotchi Foreva

      Thank you oranda ^-^

  8. not doing much for my birthday, but it's still a good one ;D

  9. ^ Yeah! > Is being colorful v enjoys emoticons
  10. alice the madness returns seems like a good game :o

    1. Mamapatchi


      Its awesome! Better on PC than XBOX though :)