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  1. haven't logged in for almost a year and come back to no more tbay ! was hoping to buy some new toys :(

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    2. Awkwardo


      but there are some facebook groups that substitute now

    3. Kait


      I know what you mean :c I only come on here when I'm suuuper bored now, lol!

    4. SailorRosette


      We had users Scamming, is was pretty much suppose to be self sufficient, but we were becoming a third party inbetween sales/trades as it wasn't intended.

  2. I have the fake in that topic and it is NOTHING like the one posted on eBay - it doesn't even look similar.
  3. They're both super cute I had the Pokemon Pikachu 2 (color) and I liked it a lot more than the original pedometer Pikachu. Plus, the size is really nice and it's pretty light. BUT the Tamawalkie is just adorable because it has the primary characters to choose from and the features are totally cute. The Pikachu has similar features like collecting points from walking to buy things/gifts but the Tamawalkie like stated above walks around the country. It's neat!
  4. The Sims of course I still run the original version on my Windows 8 laptop. I play 2 and 3 as well. The Catz 5 and Dogz 5 and Babyz are some of my favorite PC Games! I love the Harvest Moon series and I'm just an overall huge simulation fan! I play some World of Warcraft when I feel like it (boyfriend literally begs me to play)
  5. I like that it plays like a vintage but the notifications are SO ANNOYING. They were constant so I shut the notifications off and because I didn't check on it enough (no notifications!) it would just die. I hardly have made it past a teenager and I've tried playing on different occasions at least ten times now. I keep the app on my phone but it just isn't the same when you're not holding a Tamagotchi.
  6. These suck sooo much. They are completely boring. I do have the little zipper chain though - it's kind of cool. It unzips and you can use it like a lanyard to hang around your neck. I never used it but.. haha.
  7. wow I remember seeing this game in the dollar bins at GameStop when they were getting rid of all of their PS2 games hahaha I have never played it but heard that it was really mediocre!
  8. That doesn't look like a fake to me. I have the one posted above sold by the Amazon seller and it is nothing like the one OP posted from eBay. The one I have is cheaply made and it is very obvious - the one on eBay definitely looks more like a real Tamagotchi. The only thing that is strange is the backing but that may be because it is another country Tamagotchi - maybe Europe considering the ball chain. The picture on the top is similar to many other Tamagotchis as seen here: Actually, this picture has been posted somewhere on TamaTalk: (credit to Mothra, I think this is her picture) Anyway, these are all European Tamagotchi Plus models. The one in the upper left corner looks a lot similar to the one posted on eBay for the exception of the colors.
  9. no, it's something in the game. my 3ds connects with the internet and other games right away but AC never works
  10. I just got a P1 in the mail with really crapped out buttons (only one button was actually in tact) and I tried using a screw driver and other various somewhat pointy but dull things to press the buttons and it got really tedious and hardly worked for me. I think I will eventually try to switch out the buttons when I have an extra set... good luck trying to get your buttons to work! Hopefully yours aren't very bad!
  11. hehehe that's hilarious... but i don't think it's inappropriate "kids" shows like adventure time (blech ) throw that word around all the time and kids definitely hear it all the time and like everyone else said makiko was probably just referring to some place that required more manners since she is older than memetchi still the conversation was funny!
  12. wow, I didn't know that I just threw out a bunch the other day maybe you could get a little container to keep them in and just kind of hoard them in the container until you have a chance some day to go to the center I did just read this though: "Non-rechargeable (typically "alkaline batteries") still don't have a recycler and general just must be disposed in the trash. If you have large quantities or are a business, talk with your permitted sanitary landfill operator (otherwise known as "sanitation services", the "dump" or "landfill"). Waste batteries should not be burned because of the metals, and they could explode. When burned, some heavy metals such as mercury may vaporize and escape into the air, and cadmium and lead may end up in the ash."
  13. is anyone else having a problem with the connection? whenever i try visiting another friend's town, it craps out. someone said it was because i have the downloaded version of the game i'd really like to visit the towns of some tamatalkers and swap some fruits !