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    I am no longer on Tama Talk as of November 2011
  1. I am no longer on Tama Talk as of November 2011

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    2. Fer Sure

      Fer Sure

      Why are you leaving? And Ciara, no reason to leave the site because of a new layout.

    3. booboo1


      I love the new layout! And Ciara, I agree with Fer Sure, also if you seriously hate it that much then I don't really care if you were to leave. They worked hard on the layout and I think they did a great job!

    4. Orandatchi


      ;n; Sad you are leaving. ;n;

  2. LOL! You are right! I should of put the 'CAPTIAN' in there! Thanks for your comment! And yes, he is DEFINATLY one of the best!
  3. IKR! How could ANYONE hate him? x3 It's just not possible!
  4. That's AWESOME! Enjoy your Limited Edition DVD Set! ^-^
  5. Hey everyone! Imma HUGE Pirates Of The Caribbean! ^-^ So I decided to create a topic based on it. But, if you are a HATER of Pirates Of The Caribbean, I suggest you leave...NOW. Which of ALL of the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies was your favorite? Mine is probably, oooh...this is a tough question. I like them all alot. But I'd say my FAVORITE one would be..sigh..I can't pick which one I like best so, either the second movie or the fourth one. Which is my favorite character.... OF COURSE, Jack Sparrow! xD I can't wait unitl they make a fifth movie. But it probably won't be very soon because Johnny Depp (Jack Sparrow) said he wanted to take a break for a little while before returning to make another one. Anyway, be sure to comment on what is your favorite Pirates Of The Caribbean movie and who is your favorite character!
  6. Hey, what is the difference between the ID L and this one? Anyone know? Other than the character differences.
  7. You're right. When exactly is their 15th annaversary? Anyway, thanks for the encouraging words!
  8. SIGH........ I got the same response as anyone else. I mean really, they didn't even answer some of my questions! Oh well...
  9. They don't have them at the Walmart or Target by me anyomore. (they have auctually NEVER been at the walmart by me that I've seen) AND they were going on sale at the Toys R Us by me too, so they probably won't sell them there anymore either.
  10. Hmmmm.....I still haven't gotten a reply yet. But hopefully I will soon!
  11. Hm.....well, maybe my they will send me a different response! Let's hope for the best!
  12. YES YES YES SAVE THE TAMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I will be sure to post what they said when I receive the e-mail!