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    I love tamas, drawing Manga, and i have a tumblr blog
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    I have 2 tamas now! ^w^ so happy with them <3
    running them at the same time is hard though xD

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  1. I collect Barbie dolls since my childhood but, i nowadays also have a thing for vintage toys and other curiosities I own a Tumblr blog all about it right here <- though most of the content is reblogged right now, i'll tro to post more
  2. I don't remember TamaTalk having a status update thingie.. wow, things changed around here

    1. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      The irony here is that TamaTalk got a new redesign nearly 2 months ago while status updates came in... 2013? Seems people have stopped talking about it now, but its still fresh in my mind since I went into hibernation shortly after the update XD Oh yeah, since you're from the old TamaTalk days, welcome back! :lol:

  3. Those words don't really exist tho If i wanted to say "The cat" I'd say "Neko desu" But that also means "Thats a cat" or "He/she's a cat" a few of these do exist, but what they mean really depend on the context of the sentence
  4. I once had 2 fakes, and i was pretty happy with it. then again, i was like... 9 or 10 maybe. now i only collect the legit ones xD
  5. Oh wow, the HoneyLover ones i heard they have the S word on screen Imagine little kids playng with that thing. If i was a parent i would never get my kiddo any of that xD
  6. I always paused it, then unpaused it in lunchbreaks to check on it. it does affect the time it takes until evolving, but i guess it's the best option. you could also just turn the sound off by pressing the A and the C at the same time. but i wouldn't reccomend that because you'll have a higher chance that you won't notice it needs something, and it will die sooner.
  7. Hello everyone! It has been such a long time since i've updated you! of course my last tamagotchi did die, but i've hatched a new one. On my V4 there is now: Alys 0 years currently. and of course it's a girl. But i also brought a new Tamagotchi Friends today. wich has my Mitsumaruchi in it. it's a boy. I did wish the tamagotchi units could do the friends share thing but apparently, with the Tamagotchi Friends you have to "bump" it using NFC Oh well, here have a picture of them together, Alys went asleep when i took the picture tho
  8. I got the new Tamagotchi Friends! I love it! ^w^

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    2. PoisonMookie


      Yeah I think a lot of people were thinking that, I know I did. I got the blue one first too :) Well congrats on your new tama!

    3. nizidafabie


      Thanks! I might as well get another one when i get my money again hahaha xD

    4. PoisonMookie


      It definitely helps for getting certain characters and all the jewellery. I got a second one, the white leopard print one? That's not as garish looks-wise :)

  9. meh, I feel meh. i need vacation soon or i'll explode...!

    1. tamagotchialice


      Tell me about it..about 2 more months before summer vacay for me :'(

    2. tamatown123



  10. I'm happy the Europe servers are still online. I think they'll never dissappear. as for V4 Owners, this link should work :3
  11. Okay, Okay s**t. Nelis died because of a battery outtage. I now have my Debby though. :3 she's still a baby, but im determined my baby will survive this time. We'll see how long i can keep her alive. xD Don't think i don't love her though! >u< I'm now saving up for lots of stuff to buy by the way. Lets list stuff i want for my birthday & what i wanna buy for the money i get.. - Japanese Tamagotchi ID - HQ Microphone - Vocaloid - BJD Doll ect ect. Since this is a tamagotchi forum i won't pester you with my birthday wishes xD Thanks for reading today though, I appreciate you guys for sticking with me even though i have been on Hiatus for a long time. ByeBye!! xx
  12. OMG I missed everybody so much! I forget to check up on this site often. will do it more. Huggles~~

  13. hi people! Long time no tamatalk! :D

  14. I've seen it around in the Toyshops in Holland. Maybe it's the British version because you don't know about it? I havent Bought it though. I looks kinda cool.