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  1. Arghhhhh!!! why i can't log in TAMAGOTCHI TOWN V4?!!!!!!!!!!! i have check it many time and there are no wrong!

    1. Kid.


      Doesn't work for me on tamatown for the V4.5 , It says ERROR DISCONNECT. Hbu?

    2. misuzu_kamio


      hasn't tamatown been done for a few weeks?

    3. Fail!!


      music city works now. but not the other ones i guess :L

  2. I hope my sister take care my tamagotchi well.. because she likes to feed my tamagotchi so many times..! i'm so worried about that!

    1. maiicassie


      Take care it when i was in school...

    2. Fail!!


      She'll feed it into a coma.

    3. Graycefox
  3. My tamagotchi was sleeping already.. and i'm so bored..

  4. i miss my old tamagotchi~ :'(

  5. hey! ur pitcure is so cute! :3

  6. Hey , I love ur picture! it's so cute! :3

  7. Going to school~! Goodbye Tamagotchi :'(

  8. I Love your picture! :)

  9. why i can't log in tamagotchi town! T_T

  10. welcome to tamatalk! :D