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  1. Hi there. Sent you a PM. Please take a look and reply when you have a moment. Thanks!

  2. im so done with tamas....

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    2. dazzilitchigirl


      ppl r acting all sad though and idk about others but I got RLY annoyed when ppl were like that at me when I lost interest in tamas

    3. *Hayden*
    4. nyle9009


      I'm not trying to say anything but its because hes a scammer and left this account to scam on another account.

  3. Is it to late to join!? I would love to run my angel
  4. I have to many tamas!! Haha i need to do a big sell or trade to get rid of alot of tamas... I havent touched so many in the past years :(

  5. Got nyatchi on my p2.... Yay!!:)

  6. i love being able to run a classic p2 and enjoy it so much

  7. I just did it to my purple p's! It was really easy and it makes it so skinny!! The buttons are pretty big actually haha
  8. is a santagotchi and 4 in 1 dinkie pet equivalent in value or is one more valuable than the other?

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    2. dylan1234


      ugh i want a dinkie so bad :(

    3. Carol_tama


      yeah, it's on my wishlist too D;

    4. Kait


      Pretty sure I saw a 4-in-1 go for like $30 a few weeks ago... but they only shipped to the US ;(

  9. i got my beautiful SANTAGOTCHI in the mail today! im in love
  10. i love when i can run only one tama, a simple p1 and enjoy it like crazy:)

  11. Got my old broken p2 revived and working perfectly!! Yay:)

  12. how much is the 4 in 1 dinkie pet worth? i want one soo bad

    1. Midorime


      A LOT. I think I paid over 200 for mine. They're extremely rare. Only thing I don't like about them is it's impossible to win the games, you have to bring up happiness by snacks.

    2. oddsandendswithlove


      Can i see a pic of the ones er talking about?

    3. Carol_tama
  13. I want a TF so bad!!

    1. oddsandendswithlove


      im getting a purple diamond one, maybe we can trade ^.^

    2. Carol_tama


      I am trading one in tbay now. Or selling.