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  1. AHHH Why isnt tamatown working ! :(

    1. FullBlownWitch


      the only way it works for me is if I clear out EVERYTHING from FireFox and restart the browser, or on the off random chance that it will work on Chrome, in a small half screen size.

    2. Kuchipatchi_Pal
  2. BTW Check out my channel www.youtube.com/user/Zamagotchi

  3. Personally Im not really bothered ... I only use TamaTalk for forums ...
  4. Hi tamame20. Plz can you do a Shimashimatchi figure review on YouTube. I love that little hamster tama x

  5. Vampire Kuchipatchi is on the loose ! BEWRE :o !

  6. Omg how do i make that stupid man with a blue top disapear !

  7. Help ! My tama is angry and i cant do anything ! I cant time it out cuz its not letting me do absalute anything !