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  1. Hey guys!! Been super busy, and will continue to be busy all weekend, until about Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning. So, I don't have time to upload all the pictures I have for you, but I will definitely post them at a later date like before, to at least catch you up on the album portion of the log. I have Fuchsia, baby girl # 13!! Lem hatched her after marrying some little nut with a hat type Tamagotchi. All today She got her last happy symbol when we were out and about today, and when I was relatively free on a break, I was able to take her to the dating place and she got married, then had a baby She's a little all pink blob with a pink bow. Around 640pm, Fuchsia turned into Rolutchi; following directly in the shoes of her mother!! Adorable. She fell asleep at 7pm, and won't be up until 7am, which will have me up at around 730am, before a very long 44 hours of constant work of the next 4 days. By then she will have had a baby BUT we shant get ahead of ourselves just yet eh? Anyway, it's boring, and there aren't any pictures, I'm just a big fail - I apologize. I hope you all have an amazing weekend!! xoxoxoxo -FBW
  2. Hey guys Posting from my phone again as I'm busy elsewhere. I've got some pictures to upload tomorrow night/Friday to show what all happened. It was a very uneventful morning until about 12:40 past noon; Lem evolved into her adult form!! The little Perotchi- cupcake! Bwahaha. We had a blast; took her down to the midday bistro before I had to leave downtown. I didn't grab any pictures of us at the bistro picking up a salad and clubhouse sandwich for mother. But she was with me while I ate the salad and she begged me to go to the restaurant to have some fish and chips. Unfortunately, she hated them, and we had to complain to the chef who was very saddened to hear that she didn't enjoy the fish and chips. We went to the park after that, with my salad in tow haha, and played with this adorable little pink puppy, a few different times and then she decided to come home with us!! Lem acknowledged that it most certainly made up for the horrid meal :/ and we went home. She played outside with the puppy while I finished my amazingly delicious Midday Bistro salad. After that, she started asking me about her history. With the history book in hand, we went to her fathers place! She reminisced as they hadn't spoken since he left two years (days) ago. They had some food, his favourites, and spent the better part of an hour talking. Lots to catch up on I suppose After that, we went to see her great, great, great grandmother!!! 0.0 Amazingly long life eh? Holy moly. They didn't spend nearly as much time together as her G-G-G-grandmother Lovelitchi became tired but demanded that we come back soon for another visit and some more heart cake :3 Since then, she has asked me to go around with her to get her happy symbols. She found these adorable little pink ears, on a headband, in our storage trunk in the attic, and as she put them on; DUNDUNDUN.... She received her first happy symbol!! She found something that her grandmother had GROWN as well! A little T-bar toy with a red ball hanging from it on a string!! She took it outside to play with Mimitchi and didn't they EVER have a ball!! Oh goodness it was so fun to see them have such joyous fun! Alas, that brought her the second happy symbol and she was super excited! Finally, after all the playing, she asked me to take her to the bakery for a pastry! She decided upon the fruit sandwich from the bakery, and we had a ball with that as that gave her the third symbol!!! Since then, we've gone to the park a little bit and we've been pretty pooped!! She's just chilling around the house, occasionally going outside to play with puppup, but it's going to be a slow night, after an eventful day!! Hope you all had AMAZING day with your wonderful Tamas!! Love you all! -FBW
  3. Busy, busy, BUSY next 7 days. Not looking forward to it, urgh. Thankfully I will have my iPhone and Tama iD-L to keep me sane and linked. Also have plenty of books. Wicked.

  4. They're a little more needy. I find the least needy, and the most monotonous, is the v2. If you want one for the sake of having it, without any extra attention or features outside of the shop, the v2 is the best possible one. I ran that one a few weeks ago when I was super busy with work schedules being changed around and getting used to routines. I literally left my Tama v2 alone for up to 5-6 hours on its own and it would still have 2 hearts left for hunger and happy... it's VERY low maintenance. I would suggest that one. If you don't have a v2, then a v3 and if not, then the v4 is a good option, just be sure to check it relatively often for mail and school, etc.
  5. Ugh *Yawns heavily* So at 7:05am, I woke naturally, with no beeping, no alarms, nothing, urgh. I checked on Lem, and she was perfectly happy. No cleaning of messes or rooms. I am shocked, surprised and content about that. First things first, I didn't get pictures, because I was too tired and operating on an auto-pilot type thing; forgive me. The first thing we did was go outside and giggle over the rain again (-.-), and watch as a delightful little strawberry came crawling up from the earth within the plant that was awaiting us How adorable. We did go to the market at the park so that we could sell that little strawberry; Very adorable. It sold for 150GP, which wasn't much, but it made Lem laugh and smile. After that, she said that she feels a change coming on (as at 12:40 noon she will be evolving into her adult form), and wants to go to the interior designers and rearrange the living room. She didn't want to change any of the other rooms, she said they already have their own pleasant feel that can carry throughout any evolution and stage; so we took a look at the living room choices, and she said very clearly that she wants to purchase one that cost 2000GP, which was the busy pink and white one, with a lot of sparkles, a fireplace, and a yellow floor. It makes me think of cake and prissy things. hahaha. She's bouncing happily around that at the moment. I am thinking of taking Lem to the cafe for something for breakfast, while I have some tea and toast. I will be back later, possibly, as I am very busy today. Enjoy the amazing day! xxxxx -FBW
  6. Have everything all updated. So glad :) Missed TT so much; Glad to be back, period. Love you all!! xxxx

  7. Scariest moment? Last year, I was on my way out to a job interview and someone on the metro transit bus tried to steal my purse. My iD-L was in a little inside pouch, and when this gentleman was tackled to the ground by a passerby coming off the Scotia Square stairs, the purse dropped to the sidewalk, the iD-L tumbled out of the pocket, and slid into the street, with a bottle of perfume tumbling after it. I pretty much screamed bloody murder as I saw that my iD-L was almost run over by a bus, but thankfully there was a woman in a silver car ahead of the bus who actually parked her car and ran behind her car to get the tamagotchi and my bottle of perfume. She didn't judge or anything, just gave me a hug, asked if I was okay, and passed over my perfume and tama. She said that regardless of what is being taken, it's mine and she hopes that the gentleman gets in a lot of trouble. After that of course, reports from police etc were taken.. Anyway... that was the scariest moment. My stuff was almost fully stolen and then run over by a 3 tonne bus... hahahaha. yay scary! -.-
  8. I have purchased from a seller on eBay.ca, and it was amazingly fast and trustworthy, however I too am looking for sites that are more original and less expensive; it cost me the better part of $100 canadian dollars. I too will be checking out the CDJapan site to see Best of luck!
  9. The only colour Tama I have is the iD-L, which I think is the only one I really wanna have a go at; the rest I would have for collecting purposes. From what I can tell, and how I've played with the iD-L, it's wonderful. There are countless options and fun tasks. Even just for collection purposes, I would suggest you get the iD-L, iD-L 15th Anni.
  10. That's horrid; they are able to get our tamas but we can't get the colour ones unless we cash in cheques for almost $150 depending on where you can get it and how rare/special it is.... UGH.
  11. I would hands down take the with me on my person, whichever way I could arrange it.
  12. I have thought about this long and hard; for years, actually... and I have come to the conclusion... That I still do not have a favourite tamagotchi :/ I just adore them ALL. There is no favourite, tragically. I had listed one on my profile, but it's not true, I really don't know. lol
  13. I would just go for ONE Tamagotchi and devote the time you can to it. As a rule, I don't actually run anymore than one. I work full-time and have things that I do on my days off with my husband and friends, family included. So I find that my iD-L is more than enough to fill those spaces, both at work during downtime and outside of work in day to day life. They're a little more needy, but it's nice. I couldn't imagine having to deal with more than one Tamagotchi at once with everything else that I have going on. Just take the one
  14. ANY colour Tamagotchi is well worth it at this right. They're amazing. eBay and such... go for it!
  15. It's qutie understandable. I enjoy more male characters than I do the female characters. I don't know if they're cuter, or more diverse, but I tend to enjoy them more. There are definitely some cute little girly Tamas, that's for sure, but meh. It happens