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  1. Pudding ^_^

    dieing tamas!

    They do!? Lucky I keep mine fit
  2. Pudding ^_^

    My poor tama

    Yea. All of them So this doesn't happen to all tamas with this kinda of food? Okay I shouldbe more careful on what I feel my tama lol
  3. Pudding ^_^

    How many gotchi points do you have?

    i only have 1089 lol
  4. Pudding ^_^


    im not sure if my Tama's training has ever gone down..Maybe it has, not sure
  5. Pudding ^_^

    My poor tama

    I fed him some fruit juice and all his happy hearts went down ..Why??
  6. Pudding ^_^

    Everyone...is there a tamagotchi burglar?

    I dont think the Taama burgler will steal from me..I only have 219points
  7. Pudding ^_^

    REALLY not fair

    Aw. Don't be mean to fallen one Just because she has a similar name doesnt mean she copied Anyways~ I think that Tama is alright. But as long as you can put a costume on it if you dont like it
  8. Pudding ^_^

    F R E E Z E

    Could have tried it anyways @__@
  9. Pudding ^_^

    school rumor TAMAS

    My school allows them in class...I think
  10. Pudding ^_^

    Whats your Tamagotchi doin right now?

    lol My Tama is wearing a bow right now
  11. Pudding ^_^


    Yep. Version 2. Thanks!
  12. Pudding ^_^

    Tama Codes?

    Go to games, shop, then press A three times and type in a code!
  13. Pudding ^_^


    Can the Mimitchi costume be used more than once?
  14. Pudding ^_^

    I am sooo sorry

    Aww. I didn't know you but don't worry. I don't hate you