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  1. I think you should try one more time. Try not to let your hands or screwdriver slip as this make break the screws. Maybe like putting a tiny piece of butter on the screws will make it easier to get them off.
  2. This would be really cool. It would be neat to marry or sent gifts to someone who is not near you.
  3. 1. There are like regular. Baby-Toddler-Teen-Adult. It takes 2 days for them to evolve 2. The Musu is the girl and the Oshu is the boy 3. I think their is some growth charts around tamatalk\ 4. TMP means how well your next generation will be. There are four sets of characters. Their are 4 different like care levels. So if you take amazing care of your Osu or Mesu when they marry the babies might have a possibility to go to TMP2 which is a different set of characters. Then so on. Then if you take bad care of your generation 2 the babies will be TMP1.
  4. ^ I know I have been waiting FOREVER! But now its finally open! I am UnicornShadow6251. I am in Ravenclaw! Please add me.
  5. Okay I admit when I "thought" I did great care on my Tama-go and then I got worst I did reset it once. And when I am like doing my homework and a Tamagotchi bleeps I would just ignore it.
  6. The Voice, Chicken, bunnies, Angels, and doughnuts
  7. OMG this happened to me too!!! I think it is just normal for a v4 itchigotchi.. nothing to worry about. Hehe it is kinda funny.
  8. My Tamagotchi Angel is so fun!

    1. i<3froyo


      I love the angels! The little angel-y details are so cool right?!?

    2. Ribonitchi


      lucky im supposed to get one (T^T)

    3. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      I should get mine soon too!

  9. I personally think the Harry Potter series is the best book like every. J.K. Rowling uses such description it's like I am watching the movie when I am reading the book. Plus all the characters have such unique personality's just like Violetchilluvr said. Its just so unique as a whole. No book can be better than it. Not even Twilight or The Hunger Games. Its like when you start reading you cannot stop.
  10. OMG I just won a Tamagotchi Angel on Ebay!!

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    2. tamalover134


      I bid 30$USA. I know it was a lucky find :)

    3. MagicMimitchi


      Actually there's some cheap mint in box US versions on ebay right now. Grab them while you can!

    4. ayan300


      whoa, you got a really good deal tamalovor134, you should start a log about it! It would be very, very interesting. At least for me it would be! =)

  11. No it is 6 years old. But you should not pause him. This might delay the time for the matchmaker to come. It does not really matter like the "age" of the tamagotchi. It must be 6 years old of all unpaused time. So if you paused it it will delay the time for the matchmaker to come. Hope I helped
  12. I think Tamas just put the jot in my life. Everytime I start one up its a new adventure. Just with how happy all the characters look its simply adorable. I love how each of them are different in their own way. Plus I am not allowed to get a pet, so Tamas are just as cute as a real pet.
  13. There is no specific age to play on a tamagotchi. Some people on these forms are over 20. Everybody can enjoy tamagotchies. Nobody is TOO old for them.
  14. Sometimes the Matchmaker might just be late. . He should come at 12:30 PM and 4:30 PM.
  15. Uggg Someone bought the Morino I was going to get!

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    2. </html>
    3. tamalover134
    4. ayan300


      Html, did you buy her morino? I'm so sorry to hear that. :(

  16. Uggg Someone bought the Morino I was going to get!

  17. Take it apart. Then put it in rice for maybe three days. Then put it back together. So sorry about your music star I dropped my v4 in water once. I hope this works !
  18. He he that one already started, I wanted to hatch the 8th on Easter.
  19. Well I was thinking it would be fun to have an Easter hatch. When- Sunday, April 8th Only Tamagotchi Id l's or Princess Spacey's can participate in this hatch. It can be at anytime Sunday. I will be hatching my Princess Spacey. Hope you join !