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  1. Thank you all so much for your responses. All of the info provided has been helpful if not thought-provoking! I am very excited to receive this tama that I accidentally came across. You guys are awesome! ^^
  2. Thanks but those aren't the one I'm referring to. It's black with neon writimg. I'll post a pic when I get home from work.
  3. I am looking for any and all info on the Limited Edition Puma Yashuhiro Mihara tamagotchi. It is black in color. I cannot find anything on this one. Thanks in advance!
  4. Aha, I see how the little yellow things could be batteries! Thank you for clearing this up for me! =)
  5. A little while ago I had just finished my third generation character and began the fourth gen offspring. The new baby beeped the attention sound at me and I picked up the Tama, pressed the middle button, and this screen appeared: I can't get the screen to go away and have no clue what it means/says. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  6. You rock, Purn! ^_^

  7. Thanks for the reply, Purn! I agree, I'll only collect VPs if I enjoy them. Even though it would be just splendid to have all the VPs in the world (maniacal laughter)! By the way, I'm watching your DNA fish on ebay. Did you not enjoy playing with that one? It looks so adorable!
  8. Hi guys! The topic pretty much says it all..what do you think of the Littlest Pet Shop VPs? Are they worth collecting for the fun factor or just because they fit into the VP category? =p
  9. Hello fellow VP fans! Anyone know anything about an Ice Age 3 dino VP? I can't find any info out there. Thanks for reading!
  10. I am brand new to this site and I have to say: this thread is the reason I joined! =p I am 28 years old and a big kid at heart. I had 4 virtual pets when they first came out. I was in high school at the time. I just recently found 2 of them, started my RakuRaku DinoKun (the original) back up again (after some new batteries and a minor surgery performed to get 2 of the buttons working again) and have found a new obsession. I say new obsession because I currently collect virtual minipets in WoW. I have 130/188. I never knew there were so many different kinds of Tamagotchis, Giga Pets, and all of the other crazy brands of "keychain pets" out there. I am amazed and enthralled and yes I was rocking my Dinkey Dino on the belt loop of my shorts all day today. And you better believe if I saw an older person playing with one (or anyone at all for that matter, regardless of their age!) I would tell them to Rock On! ^^ Seriously, I don't think there is a "too old" for anyone to have any collection that makes them happy (unless it was dead animal carcasses or human fingers or jars of vomit or..yeah I have problems). Pets of any kind make me happy, and these little toy pets are harmless. I can only hope that one day, if and when I should ever have a family and bear children, they will love and embrace my quirks. Furthermore, the thought of my future children having a conversation similar to this one: "It's mom's birthday next week, what should we get her?" "Check her virtual pet wish list and get on ebay!" makes me smile. =) If anyone should disagree, of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion but...*throws Tamagotchi imposters* =D