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  1. 1. How would you describe yourself? Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve 2. What do people think about you? Absolutely (The Story Of A Girl) - Nine Days 3. What's your current theme song? Silenced By the Night - Keane 4. What song is best for you to play during the day? Reptilia - The Strokes 5. What song is best for you to play at night? Selene - Imagine Dragons 6. What song do you wanna play at your next birthday party? Smile Like You Mean It - The Killers 7. What's the best slumber party song? Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand 8. What song would you play for yourself if you can't sleep? Transatlanticism - Death Cab For Cutie 9. What's your signature dancing song? (I Want You To) If You Want Me To - Weezer 10. What's your favorite song to play on road trips? Say When - The Fray 11. What song do you wanna play on camping trips? Satellite - Guster 12. If you are allowed to play songs while watching a movie, which song would you choose? Daylight - Coldplay 13. What's your motto? Let It Go - The Neighborhood 14. What's your biggest secret? 1901 - Pheonix
  2. Happy New Years everyone!

  3. Has anyone heard of a TV show called Crashbox? I watched it a lot as a kid, and it was one of those things that scared the crap out of me yet made me want to watch it more. It was creepy, but I still was so intrigued by it I always waited to watch the next episode. Next to Courage the Cowardly dog (that show is literally the definition of disturbing), it was one of the scariest TV shows I watched as a kid,
  4. I got a small laptop which I'm really happy about because me and my brother fight over the family computer all the time. I also bought myself several albums with some money I got from relatives. I still have some money leftover, and plan on spending it on a tamagotchi, it's taking me so long to pick what kind though x3
  5. Merry late Christmas everyone, whether you're visiting family, just going on vacation, or sitting at home sitting on the computer like me :P

    1. tamastar133


      Um the third option XD

  6. Catching Fire for the second time in the movie theater, I watched it first opening day then yesterday on Christmas just because it was such a good movie! Even though my parents said the beginning was pretty slow, I still really liked it and love the soundtrack.
  7. Sorry I haven't been on in a while...I just took a break, I don't think I'll be on TamaTalk till next year (2014)

  8. December is starting, and so is the Christmas decor...