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  1. Umm...anyway I think that i kept the topic da wrong section.that must be stuff we watch. Will you please change it tama mum? and thank you 4 your opinion,santi-
  2. umm..I really don't remember, cuz I think it was 1 or 2 years since I got my first tama character.
  3. Well, If it was just a tank top and a short then no problem,but I didn't mean the bikini, I meant people wearing nothing.THAT'S what I meant.
  4. Oh well,that's your opinion then.
  5. ahh. I i'm not talking about the sound of singer,or he's/she's song. I'm talking about how BAD it is and how hurting it can be when wearing bikinis.
  6. Every body, take a look at this video and tell me. It's a video for victoria justice. It's cute,funny, AND MOST OF ALL WEARING COOL-BUT-NOT RUDE CLOTHES.
  7. Thanks for standing beside me.
  8. Power Puff Girls Kids Next Door (KND) Dexter's Laboratory Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends Adventure Time iCarly and there's a LOOOOONG list also
  9. Don't you think that it's BAAAD to sing wearing bikinis or something...? Lady Gaga as an example.. people like her think that if they wear bikinis they will become eye-catching and popular. Stars can become more than stars even if you were wearing good clothes. It depends on your sound when singing. Not how you wear. especially that when small kids, by a mistake open on a channel that Lady Gaga is singing wearing bikini and all this. Think about our world.. what would happen to our kids' mind when they see that. DO YOU KNOW HOW HURTING THAT CAN BE? Tell me your opinion. Isn't that right what i'm talking? waiting your replies
  10. You're banned for posting Mametchi smiley!