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  2. 'Behind Every Good Picture, There Is An Artist'

  3. Can't wait for my UraTama!

  4. I made a fan-tamagotchi! It's not really all that good :/ This is Nozomutchi (Sorry the picture is so huge )
  5. No no I'm not mad! :) I just wanted to know.

  6. not trying to make ya mad just wanted to know

  7. how old did u think i was?

  8. Yes I am! 14 and PROUD of it!

  9. Go on ponypatchi!

    1. Animetchi


  10. It's odd but my tama usually marries at 6 Maybe if they aren't as good of a character (like a universal) the matchmaker comes later.
  11. Is V4 tamatown working for you?

    1. Animetchi


      I'm sad..I can't get onto V4 tamatown! I don't know why but It keeps saying 'ERROR DISCONNECT' after I put in the right password, and username! Please help if you can!

    2. FullBlownWitch


      Yeah it does the same to me too. CHeck out the 4th page of my Log, it's the very first post on the 4th page. That's how you can get on to the v4 tamatown now

    3. Animetchi


      Thanks for the help ^^

  12. Ya there is. It is caused by buying and deleting a large number of food. When you buy a lot of food, then go to present and delete them all, you will have the ball glitch. But, when you scroll through your food, go to letter 'P'. Then, eat whatever is the letter 'P'. You will get 100 of a skill point. It's a win and lose situation. The only way to get rid of it is to reset your tama. I have the glitch right now. I will reset my tama when my character is a Makiko.