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  1. Has anyone figured out how to get the 2 new teens or the new baby yet?
  2. Yes feed your teen stage tama ONLY the 21 coin Sausage and Lollipops
  3. Has anyone successfully got Gozurutchi yet? Do I feed my teen veggies/seafood or just neglect it?
  4. Shimashimatchi_Pal

    Spring 2018 Group Hatch Log! (Starts 4/13/18)

    I'll look forward to seeing that too! Please share what the baby looks like as well
  5. Shimashimatchi_Pal

    Spring 2018 Group Hatch Log! (Starts 4/13/18)

    Hey guys! Great news - unfortutely I don't have a picture to show you since I'm on mobile, but Buddy has evolved into a Kuromametchi and I couldn't be more happy! He's doing great, happy and healthy. Doesn't seem to smile much anymore though which is ironic since his name is Buddy ~ STATS ~ Name: Buddy Age: 2 Gender: Boy Generation: 3 Stage: Adult Species: Kuromametchi Tamagotchi: iD L
  6. Shimashimatchi_Pal

    Just a question - danganronpa?

    No never heard of it what is it?
  7. Shimashimatchi_Pal

    Spring 2018 Group Hatch Log! (Starts 4/13/18)

    Hey guys! So Buddy the Nannokitchi evolved today! He evolved into a Hanikamitchi (the best care teen) so i'm thrilled with the results Although, I took a nap today and forgot to feed him before and I got my first care miss as I woke up and he was ill and covered in sh*t. Whoops! Oh well, he's alive, happy and healthy now - I even redesigned his living room as a way of saying sorry ~ STATS ~ Name: Buddy Age: 1 Gender: Boy Generation: 3 Stage: Teen Species: Hanikamitchi
  8. Shimashimatchi_Pal

    Spring 2018 Group Hatch Log! (Starts 4/13/18)

    Hey everyone! So my Tamagotchi will be a day younger than everyone elses because I don't have the time to run 2 Tamas right now so I had to wait a day to start a new gen But here we go! So here is my previous gen (Uwasatchi) heading off to the matchmaker to meet her true love! She had the option of either Mametchi, Guriguritchi or Kuchipatchi. I decided to go with Guriguritchi as I thought they'd be a super cute match. OTP (jk LOL) So inevitably... Uwasatchi and Guriguritchi got married and did the diddly doo to make a baby Ta-da! It's a boy! # So as everybody knows, on an iD L when two tamas have a baby, the parent you raised leaves pretty much straight away. So I had to say goodbye to my Uwasatchi, and so did the baby boy... Bye! So that left me with this baby boy... who might I add has been quite needier than most Tama babies... although needy he always seemed to be smiling. So I decided to name him "Buddy" - seemed fitting. Shortly after hatching, Buddy evolved into a Nonnokitchi - which I was pleased with since he matches with the theme of 'spring'. Not gonna lie, I'm quite disappointed that Buddy hatched as a male. I always prefer girl tamas as they are so much more cuter. But yes, that's it for today's entry! By the way I know my images are OBNOXIOUSLY large and I'm so sorry about that - next entry they'll be a lot smaller (and hopefully better quality ) ~~~~~~~~~ ~ STATS ~ Name: Buddy Age: 0 Gender: Boy Generation: 3 Stage: Child Species: Nannokitchi
  9. Shimashimatchi_Pal

    What Tamagotchi is worth it?

    Definitely recommend a M!X. They are great.
  10. I can confirm I just got a Lovelitchi by feeding her only sausages. Not the hot dogs btw, the ones that cost 21 coins.
  11. Shimashimatchi_Pal

    Spring 2018 Group Hatch!

    awh this is such a sweet idea! im defo in
  12. Shimashimatchi_Pal

    A Letter to Bandai

    i wish they'd at least release an english m!x.
  13. Shimashimatchi_Pal

    Fake Tamagotchis Are All over the Internet

    Just been a victim of this from wish. I feel for the fake Tamagotchi+Color scam It literally broke a day after using - the sound was all rustled and awful. So yeah... please be careful with what you buy guys, these are FAKE:
  14. Shimashimatchi_Pal

    Spring 2018 Group Hatch!

    whats a group hatch? sorry im fairly new to the tama community LOL
  15. so i noticed the screen on my idL was getting quite dim so i thought i'd change the batteries, so i swapped them out for new ones and now it wont turn on. i have tried several different batteries (including the ones that were working fine before) and the screen is just black. it was literally working fine just 5 minutes ago?? User Burotchi suggested there might be a problem with the wire so i opened it up and i have NO idea what im doing, i dont know if this is all wrong or right so can someone please help identify the problem?? here are pictures: