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    I love my music, Paramore, Deftones, things like this {':

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    Toskatchi? He looks a little like a Rooster with his funny hair/head things!{': And his name is Gocku,
  1. Yesterday and the day before, I had to have Gocku on 'Pause' :'{ But he's up and running again and he's very happy, we played some games, and he's got a job now! He works in the Lab!{': I wanted him to get that job! So I'm very pleased with him, and I really do enjoy the mini game you have to play on it, it is really fun and I'm enjoying it{':
  2. I hatched my V4 Tamagotchi, Gocku, 3 or 4 days ago, I think? He's an adult Toskatchi and he is 3YRS, his skill points are: 1: 104♥ 2: 21♥ 3: 80♥ Gocku hasn't got a job yet, but only turned into an adult this morning, so I expect an application tomorrow! I'm really looking forward for him being 6YRS Then the matchmaker will come! I also did some codes for my Toskatchi, and now I have an awesome RARE CELL PHONE, CLONE, HONEY, CD3, PEN. He loves to play with them all {': And I've also got school on Friday, so I'm not happy about pausing him! :'{
  3. New? And don't know what to do?! :L

    1. superchamagirl


      make a log for your tama, chat, get yourself a profile picture, add friends, WHATEVER YOU WANT ;)

    2. -TamagotchiFREAK?


      Haha, I made a log and I'm about to make the picture now, thanks! :D

    3. memetchi <3

      memetchi <3

      A couple of things. Make a TMGC log, chat, add friends, fiddle around with your profile(it's fun! XD) and posting! Oh yeah, and submitting art in TamaTalk's art section. :3