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  1. Got it working and I love it! Thought of a few recommendations 1. Being able to increase the window size. Its kinda hard to see and makes games more difficult. The back buttons are kinda small also. 2. Same items taking up 1 slot. 3. Controls page and maybe a mini guide on how everything works. If only this was a app...though even if it was it wouldn't be able to be put on the app store and would have to be downloaded somewhere else.
  2. I wouldn't scan the majority of it just maybe any parts with useful images, artwork, or charts like the character bios and whatever else. Could use them for the wiki or a mix guide since theres a lot of confusing things about the mix. Any parts that are mostly text and have useful information theres no reason to scan and risk overdoing it. They could just be translated and quickly typed up. I think there should be some sort of online guide or collection of information for the mix.
  3. Whats the deal with getting different gender babies on the 4u+/4u? I keep getting males. I was told how full the happy/hungry meters are when mating helps determine but I can't find anything online. And I get males no matter if my meters are full or low.
  4. Can all these item types downloaded from the app be traded between a 4u & 4u+? Wallpaper Toys Clothes Accessories Food Locations Games Asking because I have to use a family members phone to download items. Want to know if I put diffrent items on each if I can trade between them. Not sure if wallpaper, locations, games, ect can be. Also anyone have step by step instructions on how to exchange items?
  5. I just received an osu & mesu but each one has 1 stripped screw. Any advice for how to remove it?
  6. What are the HEX codes? I was looking for the Hex codes for the items (not souveiners), but I can't find any. I'm mainly looking for a HEX code to get the ROYAL COSTUME on the v4/v4.5. I can only get online on my DSi though. I'm mainly on Tama-Zone, my user name is Neo_Mametchi there also. (If anyone knows what to do let me know)
  7. Hey, Welcome to Tamatalk!